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100 Questions Before Marriage Islam – Chapter 8 Ibn Hanbal Restores the Sahifa of Amr b. Shughayb: Estimated: Islam 250

Useful allusions to Ahmad Shakir’s comments are scattered here and there, especially on contemporary issues. Junball’s admiration for Ahmad Shakir’s efforts and creativity in the field of hadith criticism is evident in the text, while he notes that Shakir has not strayed an inch from traditional Islamic scholarship. 1 Junball also had the honor of predicting this in 1972. “Criticism of traditional Islamic traditions may…eventually contribute to the study of Muslim traditions by Western scholars.”

100 Questions Before Marriage Islam

In the 1990s, Sheikh Shakir’s unfinished project was revived under the editorship of General Shughayb al-Arnah (1928–2016) and an editorial team, resulting in 45 exquisite editions. (5 more es.) Ibn Hanbal (d. 241/855)

Introduction To Islam (article)

.3 Just as Junball recognized the great value of the Shakir edition with its extensive internal and external cross-references, evaluation and commentary on the authenticity of each hadith, the Arnach edition is especially useful for cross-references and abstract commentaries, illustrations. In many sources of information and large studies. Therefore, it seems especially appropriate in this edited edition to analyze a small part of this important collection of early hadith.

The debate has been going on for a long time, mainly for two reasons. First, I’m not sure if the grandfather in him is Amr’s father or Shuhayb’s grandfather. As for Amr’s grandfather, Muhammad b. ‘Abdallah b. Amr (died before 63/682–683), then

, according to most medieval hadith commentators, there is no contradiction in this, and this person was the famous companion of Abd Allah b. Amr b. al-As (d. 63/682-683 or 65/684-685). Most Muslim scholars adhere to the latter position, according to which the grandfather was a friend of ‘Abd Allah b. Amr, but few, including the critic Ibn Adi (d. 365/976), believe that the grandfather in question was Muhammad b. ‘Abdallah b. Amr and

The second source of controversy of interest to this study is Amr b. Shuhaib did not receive the hadeeth

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Questions You Should Ask Before Marriage

– scrolls, papyrus or parchment, notebooks – perhaps in his family estate in al-Taif, from where he told them. Why is this controversial? As al-Dhahabi (died 748/1348) explains, the Arabic script Amr is devoid of dots and short vowels, so it is necessary to read with a teacher to ensure that the correct words and syntax are observed. Early authorities such as Mujahid of Mecca (d. 102/720), Ayyub al-Sahtiyani of Basra (d. 131/749) (who felt the need to cover his face when he went to study with Amr ibn Shughaib, probably from some disgrace) 6 and al-Mughira b. Mixam (d. 136/753) in Kufa, both cite later sources as anecdotal.

.8 Ali b. al-Madini (d. 234/849), Yahya ibn Ma’in (d. 233/848) and Abu Zur’a al-Razi (d. 264/878) confirmed that when Amr ibn Shuhayb narrated from his father, from father, he is from this story

Is a famous 3rd/9th century compilation containing about 27,600 hadiths from the 9th century to the 2nd/8th centuries. I think it contains hadith from the 2nd/8th centuries (if not earlier) because most of Ibn Hanbal the Master died first. Or within twenty years 200/815-816, it is likely that Ibn Hanbal fabricated the name of the narrator for his immediate foundation. Even in the latest version of Arnaʾūṭ,

It is a useless book, although it remains an important source for clarifying the nature of the transmission of hadith in the second and early third centuries after the Hijrah, on the eve of the compilation of the Sunni canon. This could shed some light on the 1st/7th century hadith if one wants to imagine that there were hadith from that time.

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According to the 1997 edition of Arnaṭ, it contains 627 hadiths including repetitions. 12 Notably, 195 (31%) of these hadiths are clear.

Amr b. Shugaib ← his father ← his grandfather ← Prophet. These hadiths come from 66 teachers of Ibn Hanbal, most of whom are narrated in only one or two hadiths.

Amr b. Shuqayb: “It is almost unbelievable that he did not know about this, given the evidence we have that his contemporary critics, Ibn al-Madini, Ibn Main and Ibn Saad, all attributed the hadeeth to this.

From his teacher and received Amr b. The date of Shugayb’s death is 118/736, and we have isolated remains from the late 1st/7th or early 8th century.

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Regarding the 195 hadiths with Amr b, there are four assumptions worth considering. Shugaib ← his father ← his father-in-law

For the purposes of this study, let’s only take seriously the first two assumptions, hadith versus hadith.

The second assumption requires some certainty, since many of the 46 teleports from Amr’s teachers to Ibn Hanbal are genuine and polite. (I will discuss two of them in more detail below.) In addition, many of these hadiths have not been attested by more than one or two scholars of Amr, so it is unlikely that they came from or from Amr.

.15 On the other hand, according to the research of Gregor Scholer and Michael Cook, there is no evidence to support this claim.

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Descended from Amr b. Shuqayb is left intact in the form of a book or letter, as if it were Amr to help Amr’s personal memory, which explains why Ibn Hanbal had to collect it from 66 of his teachers. 16 And, I should add, 195 hadiths with this.

Probably a hoax, because if he wanted to recreate it properly, he (or his son) could have collected 195 hadith to form an internal sequence.

Let us turn from the history of the transmission to the content of the 195 hadiths in Amr b. Shugaib restores

This is Hajjaj b. Artah (died 145/762) and Muhammad b. Iskar. Hajjaj was an Arab scholar who, according to al-Dhahabi, served as a mufti in Kufa and as a judge in Basra. 26 He became a member of the inner circle of the future caliph Mahdi (r. 158-169/775-785) and traveled with him in Kurasan, which explains his death in Rhea while returning from one of these trips. Hajjaj has a generally bad reputation due to the authenticity of the hadith transmission, so he tends to hide direct informants (

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), so surprising that it is now Amr Ibn Hanbal’s largest source of hadith, with a total of 34 hadith, which can be reduced to 22 hadith by removing repetitions. 27 Abd Allah b. al-Mubarak (died 181/797) and Yahya b. Main (d. 233/848) clearly states that Hajjaj suppresses the source of Amr b. Hadith of Shuqayb, his contemporary Kufan, the widely rejected messenger of Muhammad b. Ubayd Allah al-Arzami (d. 155/771?).28 Hajjaj seems to have heard or copied some (or all) of his hadith from al-Arzami, who relied only on memory after losing his notebook (

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), prompting him to narrate several dubious hadiths, including some he claimed to have heard from Amr but not transmitted with his permission.

Ibn Ishaq is not as famous in distribution as Hajjaj.29. The downside here seems to be his habit of combining and mixing stories he gets from many sources. Ibn Hanbal was accused by Abu Dawud al-Sijistani (died 275/888): “[Ibn Ishaq] was a man who craved hadith, so he took them from the scriptures of people (

) and write it as your own work. “

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“When he has not heard a hadeeth directly from his teacher,31 this observation will help to explain

When we look at the content of the hadeeth from Hajjaj and Ibn Ishaq Amr b. Shugaib restores

, we immediately run into a problem. There is no coincidence between them, except for a single hadeeth concerning the minimum cost of the required extraction.

There are at least four possible explanations for the lack of overlap between these two disciples of Amr b. Shuab:

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I saw the Prophet (﹣): to his right, to his left after the foundation of prayer, drinking while standing and sitting, praying barefoot and in sandals, fasting and fasting on the way. 33 Allah has added a prayer for you. 34 He who returns his gift is like a dog returning his vomit. 35 Mukatib remained a slave until the end of the contract. off.36 Condemned slaves are freed and become disciples of God. 37 Testimony It is forbidden to betray (khan) and become a slave to the employer’s family. 38 You and your property belong to your father. 39 The minimum value of stolen items requiring amputation is ten dirhams. 40

Note that they are in general agreement with the teachings of pure hadith going back to other companions of the Prophet.

The vast majority of these hadiths refer to acts of worship, especially prayer and pilgrimage, and the criminal ruling[8] confirms the view of Abu Hanifa (d. Contradictory ʿAʀʀʀʀʀʀ. (d. 58/678) and the opinion of Malik and ash-Shafi’i that minimum

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