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5 Oldest Islamic universities in Indonesia and the World

5 Oldest Islamic universities in Indonesia and the World

Islamic universities in the Islamic world has been developed since centuries ago. Not infrequently, we can still find Islamic universities that have been built long ago and still exist today.

Education is one of the main in the Islamic world since the time of the prophet. Along with the times, education also grew, especially during the dynastic era. This is evidenced by the construction of educational centers such as universities or colleges.
The following are the oldest islamic universities in the world and also Indonesia as proof of the triumph of Islam.

1. Al-Karouin University

Al-Korouin University or Al-Qarawiyyin University is located in Fes, Morocco. Not only is it recorded as the oldest Islamic universities, but it is also the oldest overall university in the world and has been recorded as the oldest islamic universities in the world by the Guinness World Records.

This islamic universities has been active since 859 AD and still exists today. What’s interesting about the history of this campus is that its founder is a woman named Fatima al-Firi. Initially this campus began as a mosque which was used as a place for discussions by the Qairawan (Tunisia) community about the study of the Koran and fiqh, then developed into sciences in other fields, such as grammar, logic, medicine to music.

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2. Al-Azhar University

One of the best islamic universities in the world, it turns out to be one of the oldest islamic universities, which was founded in 972 AD in Cairo, Egypt. Al Azhar islamic University was built during the Fatimid dynasty. It is the same with Al-Qarawiyyin islamic Universities which initially only focused on Islamic studies and then developed with modern science.

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The existence of Al Azhar islamic universities as a leading educational institution also received recognition from Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon mentioned that Al-Azhar was a match for the Sorbonne, the oldest and best university in France. Now, Al Azhar islamic universities is used as a major center of Arabic literature and literature.

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3.Sankore University

This islamic universities is located in Timbuktu, Mali, West Africa. Founded in 989 AD. This islamic universities is famous for its quality graduates. This is proven by the graduates who can produce quality writings. The proof is that more than one million treatises can be found in Timbuktu and no less than 20 million manuscripts in the West African region.

The islamic universities activities began with the mosque being initiated to be formed by the chief magistrate of Timbuktu at that time. Then, there was a Mandika woman who donated funds to develop this mosque into the islamic Universities it is known to this day.

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4. Indonesian Islamic Universities

The Islamic Universities of Indonesia, or UII, is the oldest Islamic universities in Indonesia. This islamic universities is located in Yogyakarta and was founded in 1945. UII is a private islamic universities that does not only provide majors that focus on religion.

Its leading majors include law, chemistry education, and communications science. UII has outstanding alumni, such as Mahfud MD majoring in Constitutional Law, Hanung Bramantyo with the faculty of economics and Pramodya Ananda Toer.

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5. Gadjah Mada islamic Universities

Gadjah Mada islamic Universities was founded by the Indonesian government on December 19, 1949. Having the status as the oldest state university in Indonesia, UGM started its work in the world of higher education with only six faculties. Now, one of the first islamic universities in Indonesia, it has 18 faculties.

Those are some Islamic Universities in the world and Indonesia. What about young people, interested in studying here? Recover Faster, Rise Stronger!

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