Asher Name Meaning In Islam

Asher Name Meaning In Islam – Yakub ibn Ishaq Ibn Ibrahim (Arabic: يَعْقُوب ابْنُ إِسْحَٰق إِبْنُ إِبْرَاه these, literally: “Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham as yeque” Arabic: ْ Â: Arabic; preached the same monotheistic faith as his predecessors his: Ibrahimi (Ibrahimi), Ismaili (Ismaili) and Isaac (Ishaku).

In most of these references, Jacob is referred to as an angry and pious prophet who remained in “the company of the elect” with other Jewish prophets and patriarchs.

Asher Name Meaning In Islam

Muslims believe that Jacob was the son of Isaac and that he preached the Oneness of God throughout his life. Like Christianity and Judaism, Islam believes that Jacob had twelve sons, who fathered the twelve tribes of Israel.

Jacob In Islam

Jacob became a faithful leader at God’s command. His grandfather (Ibrahim), father (Ishaq), uncle (Ishmail), son (Yusuf) and all are prophets of Islam.

Although most of these verses praise him rather than describing an example of his narration, the Qur’an nevertheless records some important events in his life. Muslim tradition and literature

The first thing that Jacob is related to in the Qur’an is when the angels (Malaka) give the “good news” to Abraham and Sarah about the future birth of a prophetic son named Isaac, as well as a prophetic grandson named Jacob.

And when he turned away from them and from those who worshiped besides Allah, We gave him Isaac and Jacob and made each of them a prophet. – Qur’an, Surah 19 (Maryam), verse.

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The Qur’an mentions that Abraham taught the faith of pure monotheism to his sons Ishmael and Isaac, as well as Jacob. The Qur’an records that Ibrahim said to Ishmael, Ishaq and Ya’qub: “O my sons, Allah has chosen a faith for you, do not die except with the Islamic faith.”

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The Qur’an speaks of the gifts given to Jacob as well as the strength of his faith, which grew stronger as he grew. The Qur’an mentions that Jacob was “guided”;

And We gave him Isaac and as an additional gift (nephew) Jacob. And We made them leaders, guiding them according to Our command, and inspired them to do good deeds, to perform the prayer, and to give the alms regularly. They served Us (and only Us) continually.— Qur’an, Surah 21 (Al-Anbiya), Verses 7-72

And remember our servants Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, those with power and vision. In fact We chose them for a special purpose – to convey the message of From now on. They were, indeed, in Our opinion, the company of the chosen and the good.- Qur’an, Sura 38 (‘The Desperate’), Verses 4-45.

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The other important story of Yakub in the Qur’an is the story of Surah Yusuf. The story of Joseph in the Qur’an Joseph had a dream one night, where he ran to his father Jacob and said: “Behold, Joseph said to his father: “O my father! I saw the eleven planets and the sun and the moon: I saw them bow before me!”

Jacob’s face was full of joy when he heard what he heard from young Joseph, and the old prophet immediately understood the meaning of the dream. Jacob could foresee that his son would grow up to be the next prophet in the line of Abraham and that Joseph would keep the message of Islam alive in the years to come. However, Jacob’s older sons felt that their father loved Joseph and Jacob’s younger son, Benjamin, more than themselves. Jacob was aware of their jealousy and warned young Joseph about it.

They said: “Joseph and his brother love our father more than us, but we are a good body! There is no doubt that our father wanders (in his mind)!” Kill Yusuf or throw it at someone (unknown). land, then the gift of your father will be given to you alone: ​​(and then you will have time to be righteous)!” – Qur’an, Sura 12 (Yusuf) Verses 8-9.

) However, they thought that instead of killing Joseph (Yusuf), they would throw him into a well, so that a caravan would come and take him away.

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So, they asked their father if they could take little Joseph to play with them. Although Jacob feared that Dhib (Arabic: ذِئـب, wolf) would destroy his son,

When the sons returned to Jacob that night, they pretended to cry and continued to tell him that the wolf had eaten Joseph. To deceive their father, they stained Joseph’s (Joseph’s) shirt with fake blood.

But Jacob, who was good at knowledge, knew that this was a fake curry prepared by them. Although Jacob was worried about Joseph’s death, he remained faithful to God throughout his grief.

As the years passed, young Joseph grew into a man in Egypt. Meanwhile, Jacob is back home in Canaan and his sons constantly bother him about his frequent prayers to God for the return of Joseph (Yusuf).

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It is never about the actions of God, but about the interventions of his mind, and he himself occasionally breaks the limits of tolerance that he sets for himself. He ignored the bad insults of his sons and tried to forgive them and give them good advice.

One day, Jacob decided to send his sons a message, telling them to go to Egypt to look for Joseph and Benjamin. His sons recruited him for the first time and left for Egypt. When one of Jacob’s sons returned to Canaan with the good news about Joseph and Benjamin from Egypt, he brought a shirt that Joseph had given him.

To remove Jacob’s blindness and grief. So the boy followed the instructions and, as Joseph said, restored Jacob’s physical and mental vision.

After Jacob’s sight was restored, the whole family traveled to Egypt and began to return to Joseph and the other sons. When they arrived, father and son met in great love and were reunited once more in peace. Now the mighty Joseph provided a home for his subjects and, as the Koran says, raised them to ‘a throne of honour’.

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At this time, through the prophetic positions of Jacob and Joseph, the whole family was able to turn to God together.

Before Jacob died, all the children of Israel bowed to Islam (submission to God). Yakub wanted a final promise from them that his child died only in Islam. When he asked them whom they would worship after his death, they replied that they would continue in Islam and bow down to God.

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Although the deathbed is associated with Jewish tradition and is mentioned in the Book of Genesis, the Qur’an mentions it to emphasize the idea that Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and Jacob were all Muslims. Only God. The Quran explains:

This is the legacy that Abraham left to his sons, and so did Jacob. “O my sons, Allah has chosen a faith for you, do not die except with the Islamic faith.” Do you witness death appearing before Jacob? Behold, he said to his sons: “What will you worship after me?”. They said: “We worship your Lord and the Lord of your fathers, the Lord of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac – the One (True) Allah and we bow down to Him (in Islam). – Qur’an, Surah 2 (al-Baqarah) , verses 132-133[32] Legacy of Jacob [edit]

Schools Of Islamic Theology

Jacob is very special in Islam for carrying the legacy left by his forefathers. Muslims believe that God gave Jacob His greatest grace and chose him among the most exalted. The Qur’an often refers to Jacob as a man of power and vision and emphasizes that he is in the company of the good and the chosen. As the Qur’an says:

This is the argument for Us which We gave to Ibrahim (to use) against his people: We exalt what We will. We gave him Isaac and Jacob, all three of whom were guided, before him We guided Noah, among his predecessors were David, Sulaiman, Job, Yusuf, Musa and Harun, so We reward those who do good: When . ‘an, Surah 6 Al-Anam, verses 83-8

When asked about the prophets who were given special names, Ali ibn Abi Talib narrates in the hadith that Yaqub ibn Ishaq called his people Israel.

Biblical examples of Jacob fighting an angel are not mentioned in the Qur’an, but are discussed in Muslim commentaries, such as the location of Jacob’s school.

Twelve Tribes Of Israel

Jacob tricks Isaac and blesses him by pretending to be his twin, Esau.

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