Can You Pray With A Tattoo In Islam

Can You Pray With A Tattoo In Islam – Tattoos have become mainstream in society and people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, culture or religion, have at least one example of body art.

But what about the followers of the Prophet Muhammad? The answer, which may surprise you, depends on which teachings of Islam a person adheres to. For example, the Sunni sect forbids tattooing, while the Shia sect is more open to body art.

Can You Pray With A Tattoo In Islam

We will take a closer look at the arguments of both the Sunni and Shia sects regarding tattoos, along with some other Muslim sects, in this article. In addition, we will explore other types of body jewelry and their place in Islamic society.

Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله) Tattoos Are Haram In Islam

Haram is defined as something forbidden or prohibited by Islamic law. Although there is no mention of tattoos in the Qur’an, Muslim scholars of the Sunni school follow the belief found in the Hadith, of Sahih Bukhari that “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) cursed the person who made a tattoo, who got a tattoo

However, to add to the confusion, in 2017, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Sheikh Ali Gomaa (Sunni), introduced a law allowing women to have “permanent ink tattoos”.

Shias are less conservative in their thinking about tattoos and generally accept both tattoo artists and designs. Shiites believe that the Qur’an is a complete, clear book on what is forbidden and that tattoos are not mentioned directly.

The articles also show the acceptance of tattoos by Sufi Muslims, along with those who do not espouse one doctrine over another.

Tattoos Are Deeply Meaningful—and Religious—for Many Young People

Sayyid Ali Husseini Sistani, (Grand Ayatollah Sistani), senior Shiite cleric and spiritual leader of Shiite Muslims in Iraq, ruled that “tattooing is permitted, whether permanent.” or temporary” (Source). Ali Khamenei, the current supreme leader of Iran and the “Twelve Shi’a Marja”, said that “Tattoo is not haram” (Law of practice, governing 1220).

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The main problems of Sunni clerics seem to be the permanence of tattooing, the pain of tattooing and the modification of the body itself. Sunnis are taught that permanent tattoos “change the creation of Allah”.

And the pain that some people experience in tattooing can be interpreted as unnecessary, which is strictly forbidden by some in Islam. However, many tattoo artists now offer gels or ointments that numb the tattooed area so that it does not hurt.

Sunnis also question whether tattoos allow water to come into contact with the skin during wudo (washing or cleansing the body with pure water) or ghusl (the ritual of cleansing the entire body with pure water). Since modern tattoos are made under the skin, this argument is not clear within the Sunni sect.

Pakistan’s Tattoo Culture

What about temporary tattoos? Again, it depends on the interpretation of the Qur’an and Hadith. There are some (but not all) Sunni clerics who do not approve of temporary tattoos of any kind, however, many Islamic cultures have used henna dye for special occasions and celebrations, a concept dating back to the time of Muhammad. In fact, almost all Muslims accept the death of the skin, except for very strict interpretations of the Hadith.

“There is nothing against temporary tattoos or erasing capitals,” said Dar al-Iftaa Al-Missriyyah, an Egyptian Islamic educational institute (and the main fatwa publisher in the region) popular in our time.

Likewise, there is nothing against male or female tattoos that can be removed without harming the body, especially tattoos that others do not see or compensate for their wife or husband. “Aisha, the mother of the believers (may God be pleased with her) and many scholars maintained this legal position.” (Source)

For those who follow the doctrines that allow tattoos, there are still some guidelines that many follow so that they are not absolved of Haram. The beauty of Islamic art is the variety of geometric shapes and wonderful settings. But most Islamic art does not depict images of people or animals. The same rules apply to tattoos, whether temporary or permanent.

Religious Tattoos: Meanings And Interpretations

However, there seems to be a trend among Shiites to have a tattoo of Iman Ali, who Shiites believe is the heir of Muhammad.

In addition, any images considered impure or anti-Islamic are also banned, along with symbols associated with non-religious people. Some clerics added that Quranic verses, Hadith and portraits of imams are prohibited.

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Some Sunni clerics have suggested that the ink of a permanent tattoo must be under the skin (this is common in this art).

The answer is “yes”, no matter which theory is followed. Most Sunni scholars note that removing a tattoo is difficult and painful, thus allowing for repentance. Some scholars believe that tattoos should be covered while praying.

Coptic Tattoos In Egypt. A Response To My Previous Article, As A…

If a person with a tattoo converts to Sunni Islam, all they have to do is sincerely repent to Allah, and then the prayer will be considered valid. Some Sunni clerics believe that a tattoo should be removed if it can be done safely, painlessly and without changing the body, but in most cases repentance is more than enough.

Since Shia scholars have accepted tattoos, it is not a problem to pray, although some Shia mosques are known to require tattoos.

Arab News wrote about tattoos and prayers in 2004, saying that the person wearing the tattoo “should seek God’s forgiveness”. The news station went on to say that when a person repents of a sin, that sin will be completely wiped away.

Many Muslim scholars, regardless of their sect, say that people who convert to Islam and have existing tattoos can pray.

Praying Spades Arm Temporary Tattoo Sticker Gun Rose Flower Waterproof Tatto Virgin Mary Body Art Fake Tatoo Men Women|temporary Tattoos|

In most cases the answer is no. However, there are warnings about piercings. Sunni clerics describe an exception to women’s earrings and nose piercings as “a common form of jewelry” from the time of the Prophet. However, most Sunni clerics draw the line at some other street. Some clerics also say that a non-mahram (a group of companions permitted by a Muslim woman) cannot see piercings.

Shia texts are not clear on the subject, but it seems that most female piercings are acceptable, as long as the piercing is in accordance with Islamic law. The culture of the region seems to be the main factor in whether piercings other than ears or noses are acceptable in the Muslim community.

The Saudi scholar Muhammad ibn al Uthaymeen, a Salafi Muslim, wrote when asked about piercing: “The correct view is that there is nothing wrong with piercing the ears, because one of the purposes achieved by piercing is to wear appropriate jewelry.”

Sahaabah women may have earrings that they wear in their ears. The wound is light, if stung at a young age, it heals quickly.”

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Am I Allowed To Get A Tattoo To Cover The Scar?

As with all religions, the answer to that question depends on the specific requirements of a section of the group. Members of the Christian Southern Baptist Church bow their heads while dancing, while members of the Church of Christ do not allow the use of musical instruments in religious services.

So it is suitable for Islam and tattoo. There is no answer. For converts to Islam, consulting an Imam can give you most of the answers you need.

It is up to the individual Muslim man or woman to decide what their particular beliefs allow and to act on those beliefs.

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Where In The Quran Does It Say Tattoo’s Are Haram?

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