Free Prayer Blanket By Mail

Free Prayer Blanket By Mail – One thing I would like to use is my ability to give back. I gave to a few groups and teamed up with Selah of Simply Selah to start a group we called Hooksters for Hope. We love to contribute to various charities, giving hope to those helped by the organizations.

A while ago, we ran a campaign asking fellow bakers to join us in donating clothes for Giving Hope. I used a pattern from the Sadie Sunshine chapter of Crochet for Cancer and we made just under 100 prayer dresses and gave them to Give a Hope. After that first project, I wanted to make a small version that could go anywhere…as a pocket-sized one. So I took the initiative and we started a little weekly clothing campaign. Both of these campaigns are still ongoing. We would love to receive weekly clothes of any size from fellow crocheters so we can donate to organizations such as Give A Little Hope and Crochet for Cancer. We donate weekly clothes to the NICU unit at Akron General Hospital (Akron, Ohio).

Free Prayer Blanket By Mail

Here is my first week outfit change. Please use it to make small prayer clothes to give or give as gifts. This is a free resource, so please share it with others. I have created a PDF file that you can save on your computer when you don’t have internet access. This is what you will see at the end of the pattern.

Sedona Serenity Knit Shawl Pattern

R7: sc in next 2 stitches, sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch, sc in next 2 stitches (6 sc, 3 pops)

Finish: 2 sc in the back of R11, then sc around the prayer cloth, making 3 sc in each corner except the first corner. After returning to the first corner, make 1 sc in this place (there will be 2 sc). Wrap and weave the ends.

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Copyright Information: This pattern is ©2014 Southern Belle Crochet (Iris Dongo). The pattern and accompanying images are the property of Southern Belle Crochet. The pattern is from the Sadie Sunshine Chapter of Crochet for Cancer. This is my go-to accessory for making a small dress with a large pocket.

Feel free to use it to make small prayer clothes for charity or gifts. If you are looking for a group to donate to, I would love to donate to a chapter of Crochet for Cancer. You can find a list of her crochet and other free chemo hats on her website (

Fiber Flux: Free Knitting Pattern…a Peaceful Shawl!

If you have any questions about this model and/or the methods you use, please contact me.

The original can be found here: I encourage you to visit her blog and learn about her story. Make your gift of a prayer shirt or dress even more personal with these printable and custom prayer cards.

In a way, a hat, scarf, prayer or anything we knit for love speaks for itself. The fact that we give our time, effort, love and skin to do something for someone.

However, there are times when a few well-chosen words in a romantic relationship can change everything.

Gifts You Can Make: Knitted Prayer Shawls

This is especially true when we spin something pleasant, that is, something that does not respond to physical needs, but is a mental thing.

A prayer shawl, sometimes known as a “comfort shawl”, is a great example of a comforter.

Prayer shawls are one of the most common ways of knitting for charity around the country. If you go to church, there is probably a church service. If not, you may find a charity or group nearby that is dedicated to knitting prayer shawls.

The idea of ​​a prayer/pleasure is correct in the name. This is just a handmade gift to show someone that they are in your thoughts and prayers and want to comfort them.

Forest Surrounded By Prayer Blanket For Him

A shawl is often given to someone going through a difficult time: personal loss, financial problems, heartbreak, illness, etc.

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The prayer robe has a similar meaning; I have described it in detail here, but in short, it is a small version of the prayer shawl.

Prayer clothes are more portable than prayer veils. Also, they make great gifts for gentlemen (most of them don’t wear shawls, for some reason…) and children.

In my ebook “Quick Charity Knitting Wins” you will find two free knitting patterns for church clothes. When you sign me up

Vintage Moroccan Wedding Blanket, Handmade Handira With Tiny Gold/ Red Beads

So back to what I said earlier about some well-chosen words to change.

A prayer gift/clothing or comforter has its own meaning. However, when a knitter (or crocheter) tells you how much care, prayer, praise, and/or thought went into making a shawl or no clothes, the recipient knows it’s a charity.

But sometimes we are speechless! For weavers, it’s easier to express ourselves through fiber than through words.

Luckily, I have a solution for you! I have designed a beautiful set of printable and customizable cards. You will find a sample image below.

Free Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns

As you can see, you can change this card to fit the way you want to express your satisfaction. Some people don’t like to say prayers and blessings. People want to give suggestions, prayers and/or blessings.

Finally, you can replace “your name” with your name. Or you can delete the text that says “Your name” and sign the card if you want to give it a personal touch.

I think these printable prayer cards are just the right touch to express your desire to comfort and love your recipient!

Want more free knitting patterns for charity? Click here to get your copy of “4 Quick Charity Knitting Wins” and start making a difference today!

Get Your Free Miracle Prayer Cloth

I’m sure there’s someone out there who wants to screw it up. If you want to knit patterns you love for the people you care about, I can help! My mother-in-law is an amazing person who welcomed me with open arms into her family when I met my husband ten years ago. . He battled tonsil cancer three years ago, so we were delighted to hear at Christmas that the cancer had returned. In early January, his kidneys, spleen and several lymph nodes were removed in a 7-hour operation. Even though we can’t live with it, I decided to make it a prayer shawl/healing shawl and put some love and healing thoughts on each stitch. My mum and my non-cooking husband put the stitches together and wanted to join me and the result was ‘Margaret’s Hug’…

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This shawl is a free pattern so that others can give a hug to someone in need; However, if you are willing to donate a couple of pounds/dollars, this model is paid for cancer research. All the best to you! And here are some great links about prayer shawls at Lion Brand with some sample letters to send with your shawl. Details are below, but if you’d like to download a copy, you can do so on Ravelry or Craftsy. I’d love to see your finished items, so please link to your project on Ravelry or Crafts or send me a photo via email or Facebook.

Gauge: 3 tr/dc (measured above) = 2.5 cm / 1 inch / 1 row = 2.5 cm / 1 inch. Neck point to seam = 70 inches / 1.8 m. These measurements are approximate and actual information may vary. The pattern will work on other yarns, although the gauge/size is different. Check your measurement, use a large hook to get the measurement.

Row 1: ch 4 (counts as first st) 3 dc/dc hook in 4th ch, ch 3, 4 dc/dc in one ch, turn (11 sts)

Gorgeous Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns

Row 2: ch 3 (counts as first st), 3 dc/dc in same st as ch 3, then make 3 ch [1 dc/dc, 1 dc/dc, 3 ch. , ch 1, 1 dc/dc] lose 3 sts and 4 dc/dc in last work, turn (17 sts)

Row 3: ch 3 (counts as first p), 3 s.p./dc in same p followed by ch 3. * 3 p.a./p.d. on the next p between the points of the first row * repeat from * to * until the corner of the ch. work [3 p.a./p.a., 3 p.a., 3 p.a./p.a]. Repeat from * to * until st is finished; Work 4 dc/dc to end of st, turn (23 sts)

Row 4: ch 3 (counts as first st), 3 sl st/dc in same st after ch 3 *

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