How To Pray And What To Say

How To Pray And What To Say – During the day, you may hear about situations or people that motivate you but you don’t know what to say or do. It is a natural human instinct to respond to suffering or difficulty by turning to God, and it is comforting to hear someone say, “I am praying for you.” It is a wonderful instinct to pray for those in trouble – but it is not always easy to follow.

Even when your intentions are good and your concern is genuine, it can be difficult to sit down and pray for others. This is the process to achieve your desire to pray for the people and situations you mentioned.

How To Pray And What To Say

The whole process comes down to a simple coffee cup – write down the situation and people you want to pray for and put these pieces of paper on the cup. This will ensure that you take certain steps to record your intention, which will feel good because you are taking action to meet the person or situation that needs it. Then, it’s just a matter of words

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Choose a glass (or vase or mug) from your cupboard, preferably without a logo or other text (but if you have all, it will work). Grab a pen or pencil and a small notepad—perhaps the notepad you got for free, or a notepad. A small amount that you get or buy at a restaurant or you never use – put it in a glass or keep it. . Put the pencil in the bowl and keep the pillow in it.

Technically, this is preparation, but if you want to start yourself right away, take a few minutes, sit down, and write down the names of everyone you meet today. And every situation that happens in the world that you want to pray for – one name / The condition of the book. If you choose a large paper, you do not need to pull scissors – just fold and tear. Turn the leaves and place them in your glass.

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The next step is very important, and it makes the difference between sticking to the practice or it’s something else you try and don’t do: you need to decide where and when to take the cup, pen, and book. You use it. But we will come back here after we have considered what to do.

Hold the cup in the morning and pray for all your intentions. For example, you can say: “Father God, I humbly pray that you will be kind, loving and caring for everyone whose name and purpose is in this cup, I will pray in the name of Christ, Amen.”

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(If you want to spend a little time, instead of praying for “all names and purposes in this cup,” you can use any document to read the name or purpose, or stop (you can remember something. People you know and your intentions are in your cup.)

Then close and shake the glass and take out the paper and read the name or purpose. Ideally, you should take the document and leave it where you spend most of the day – it may be on your computer, in your car, in your bag, or in your pocket. Where does it draw your attention – and when that happens, think about that person or situation and maybe talk to the Lord about them at some point: What surprised you about them? Why do you pray for them?

Put a piece of paper in the cup every night and reflect on your day and add a new goal to your cup.

You intend to pray for people, you want to do it, and that’s good. But, as you know, the goal does not immediately translate into action. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on gathering enough energy to do this. All you have to do is plan, and your most important plan depends on where you left your cup. It’s really simple.

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So where do you leave the cup? You want to incorporate this prayer into your morning and evening routine, so first think about your morning activities: you get up, you go to the bathroom, you brush your teeth, maybe you exercise, check your phone, eat breakfast. Bathing, etc. When do you add your prayers to all of this? Maybe when you brush your teeth – you stand there for two minutes, and if your glass is in the bathroom, you can see and remember it.

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But there may not be room for glass in your bathroom. Maybe you put it in your shoes or your breakfast or your bag to work or on the counter and put your keys inside (you won’t forget it). Pick one of the things you use every day and put a cup on it, pray before using it (or you can forget it later).

What about pen and paper? You can leave them in the glass or choose another place for them that suits your evening. Alternatively, you can enter it where your keys are and write a new target when you enter your keys. If you do this in the evening and write down your goals before you change, you can put them in your gym bag. You can leave it in your car and do it before you get out of the car and into your house.

It may seem strange to have a cup next to your keys or shoes, but when prayer becomes a habit and you are confident that you will stick to it, you can take away the cup, pen and paper.

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It is easy to pray for people we care about and for situations that move us to compassion. But the Lord asks us to pray for our enemies, for those who persecute us – especially those who annoy us, make us angry, add sadness or stress to our lives. If you are ready to pray on your own, put some names in the glass and try to speak to God. Be yours about them on the day you take their names out.

Write messages to yourself or keep track of them on your phone to help you remember the name or status you want to add to your mug. Sometimes, you can go through all the books and pick a book that you think is good for you, or if you have trouble deciding, you can delete it all and start over.

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The first bonus of this method is that the next time you talk to someone and try to say these words “I pray for you”, you will know that in your heart there is a good intention to pray and not just for this person. Man, but you follow him. When you feel like changing from a simple prayer for others to a kind, compassionate one. More compassion, deep and lasting gifts will come in time. Pray before you go out to serve that day. I’m afraid! I wonder how long I’ve been looking at it, wondering if it’s true… I Never prayed in a room full of people when I was 21 years old.

At first, I thought: “This is public speech, it’s bad, because prayer should be careful!”

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Second, I knew right away that this was my pastor’s style. He stops at any time during the day to pray for people and asks everyone he is with to pray for strangers, even fast food restaurant workers!

I remember my mother telling me that someone she knew was gold. A beautiful prayer. This girl can think quickly on her feet and pray in front of the crowd. But his words are beautiful and touching.

However, I realized that this is what I want for myself. Therefore, I began to practice by writing a prayer. Some are successful in sharing their prayers in public, and some write their prayers beautifully. I am the last one.

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I used to write things that were heavy in my heart, and for my friends who There is difficulty. Then, I text them on my cell phone and pray over them. You can also read

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