Is Marriage Fard In Islam

Is Marriage Fard In Islam – Q Hi. I have a question: what the Prophet did and advised is Sunnah but it is not mandatory, still I have heard that you must marry according to Sunnah, but if it is Sunnah you can choose, I don’t know if it is right or wrong. Some say that the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: If you do not marry, you are not of us. Explain which one is correct. Jazak and Allah Khairan.

What Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did, did or recommended to the Muslims of the world from his time until the end.

Is Marriage Fard In Islam

; Yes, you can choose what you choose. Still, there are great prizes (

The Islamic Perspective Of The Beard

) is achieved by following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad as mentioned many times

Muhammad and all the other Prophets (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) mentioned in the Prophetic traditions mentioned by your friend performed alone. One of them said: I am no stranger to women. Second: I don’t eat meat. One of them said: I do not sleep on the bed. He (the Prophet) glorified Allah and glorified Him and asked Him: “What do they say to these people?” I fast (abstain from fasting) and marry women. And the one who left me

, it has nothing to do with me,” An Nawawi said: “Not of my followers” ​​means “not following my way” if the apostasy is due to misinterpretation, however, if one opposes what he thinks is better than his way of the Prophet, then “not one of my followers” ​​means that he is not one of us, Because it is consistent with such behavior.

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It means if a person has not yet found a suitable partner or because he has no money or because he has some deficiency that prevents him from marrying or even if he does not have a strong desire. If she marries, she does not belong to the non-Muslim category. A person who thinks celibacy is better than marriage falls into this category.

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Now let’s address the facts of your question and explain the Muslim’s obligation to follow the universal laws of Allah so that we may receive His mercy. First, let’s ask ourselves two important questions:

From this we understand that we should devote our entire lives to the satisfaction of Allah, who created us for this purpose only. One of our duties before our Creator is to create good Muslims (by the power of God of course). In Islam,

Marriage is the way. Islam supports marriage and establishing a stable family. Islam prohibits all other sexual relations between individuals.

The answer to this question tells us why following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad is so rewarding:

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From these verses we understand that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the role model and role model for Muslims to live till the end of time. A good Muslim – after reciting this praise in the Qur’an and studying the life story of the Prophet Muhammad – will certainly want to emulate this most “praiseworthy” person (as the name Muhammad means). Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, married, recommended marriage, prohibited celibacy, and through his own marriage gave Muslims a daily “guide” to married life in various situations.

1. Marriage in Islam involves aspects of worshiping Allah and the Imam (a movement between people).

On the other hand, marriage is an act that pleases Allah because according to His marriage husband and wife love each other and help each other to make their children true servants of Allah.

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Marriage, on the other hand, is a legitimate response to a fundamental sense of intimacy. Sharia (Islamic law) lays down detailed rules to make it a system of rights and obligations. You will notice that many surahs in the Qur’an deal with marriage, family relationships, and family customs. This certainly draws our attention to the importance of starting a family.

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The Prophet (PBUH) considered marriage as an aspect of a Muslim’s religion because it protects him from fornication, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, etc., which eventually lead to many evils such as blasphemy and quarrels. , murder, loss of property, dissolution. family

2. Allah created men and women as partners to each other in order to procreate and live in peace and tranquility according to the command of Allah and the instructions of His Messenger. It is for these specific reasons that Allah created sexual desire, and Muslims are guided on how to fulfill these desires in order to live a happy and stable life. What does Allah mean in the Qur’anic verse:

Unlike other religions which regard celibacy as the means of great virtue and salvation, Islam regards marriage as the most virtuous and acceptable institution.

3. Marriage preserves Muslim chastity and protects society from the dangerous “bodily and bodily diseases” we see around us today, which is actually slavery to “Satan’s desires.” Islam recognizes people’s emotional and physical needs, which unfulfilled or misfulfilled lead to disorder. The Prophet said: “O youth, whoever is able to marry should marry because it lowers his gaze and protects his modesty” (Bukhari).

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4. According to modern science, marriage has many benefits for individuals and society. For example, modern psychology has shown that married people are more productive, less prone to serious illnesses and chronic stress, and that children growing up in a stable family are more beneficial to themselves and society.

5. According to Islamic history, a particular mother or wife is a key factor in the success of a particular person. For example, there is Asma bint Abi Bakri, the mother of Imam Malik and Abdullah bin as-Zubayr, the mother of Imam Bukhari, and Fatima, the wife of Ali bin Abi Talib, the daughter of the Prophet.

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A Muslim always has a choice. As long as he knows the consequences of his choices and takes full responsibility for the results of his actions, he is not forced to do things. Applying this basic concept to marriage, God’s favorite choice is to find and marry a good, godly spouse.

Muslims who wish to please Allah should not choose celibacy under any circumstances when they can marry. Muslims who cannot marry for acceptable reasons are expected to avoid premarital sex until Allah wills them to marry.

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If a man can easily pay and support his wife and children, then marriage is mandatory for him and he is healthy. She fears committing adultery if she does not marry.

Marriage is also compulsory if there is no other way to defend oneself, because it is feared that a woman’s lasciviousness will lead her to adultery.

But marriage is admirable even for a man who has a strong will to control his sexual desires, who does not want to have children, and who thinks that marriage would take him away from his godliness.

It is generally believed that if a man or woman is concerned about adultery without marriage, marriage will happen

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To marry that person. Especially when it comes to marriage, marriage cannot be delayed or delayed.

Marriage is not recommended for a man who cannot live for his wife and future family, has no sexual desire or does not like children.

– Solemn contract (agreement). It’s okay to ignore. A person should follow the Islamic rules of choosing a partner throughout his life and mature to understand the requirements of marriage.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the institution of marriage in Islam. May Allah guide you and all Muslims to a good loving spouse.

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