Is Mutual Fund Halal In Islam

Is Mutual Fund Halal In Islam – Owaiz Dadabhoi: Very good. Hello. Alhamdu lillahi robbil alamina wassalatu wassalamu dua [Peace be with you. Praise God]. We’re starting today with ten lists that only take a minute or two and allow others to join. That’s why today I want to talk to you about the eleven habits of emotionally disciplined people. It’s really about emotionally disciplined leaders, but it could be anyone. You don’t have to be a leader to have these emotional disciplines. So the first thing is to have a stronghold in your personality. It’s good to show your strengths and weaknesses and, you know, be comfortable with people. Sure, we’re a little defensive, but it’s okay to show your weaknesses because it lets people see who the real person is. Managers understand their triggers. What triggers them at work or with people in your normal everyday life? For example, it could be political issues, and you know, when it comes up, you realize you have to control that trigger. They might be some toxic people so you protect yourself from them and don’t shoot yourself. Managers are particularly restrained. They have a purpose and a vision, and of course many at the beginning of the year create their personal goals and visions, visions and missions for the year and beyond. And one of the good goals you can set is how you feel emotionally and how you protect yourself from getting too emotional. This can also, you know, be a good factor to invest your money. Whether you invest your money or take various risks with your money. It can also be about your finances. Leaders stay in the moment. People stay in the moment. While we’re doing this webinar today, I’m not looking at other things. I turned off my phone. You know, I checked my email beforehand and put it away. So when you’re in a moment with your family or relationship or something like that, we stay in that moment. We identify the emotions that overwhelm us and what to do if there is a trigger, we reflect on how we can handle it next time. I see this with kids too, so when your kids are younger it’s a good opportunity to teach them to be self-reliant and not get too excited about things. Even with siblings, right? Because sometimes they go alone. So when they kick, take a moment to ask, “What happened there, and how do we do it next?” If possible, people who want to follow these disciplines put their thoughts down on paper. Number 8 is leaders’ self-care. We know this is an important factor because if you don’t take good care of yourself, you may not be a good leader, community member or family member. Number 9, leaders see people as they are. They know not only themselves, but also the intentions of others. And of course it is difficult to determine the intention of people, but you see them in the best light, not as a negative invention. Leaders have a strong support system. They have an emotional support system that helps them think. You know, they go to it a lot and act as a sounding board. And finally … this is not a ten, but a top eleven list: leaders don’t take anything personally. No one can harm you without your consent. So don’t let people get in your mind. Leave this one alone. This is a list of eleven of the best today. Now to start here again, thank you all for participating. This is a great topic for anyone interested in learning more about the history of Sharia investing and where we stand in Islamic finance in America. Please tell others about this. What you will learn today. Or simply that there is such a thing as Islamic finance and investment. Because what we found is that there are still too many people who don’t know about this topic. We can also speak to your communities on any of these topics so you can invite us to your mosque or to speak at conferences or meetings. We interact with dozens of them every year. We even talk to employee groups, technology companies and other companies about Islamic investments through their brokerage account. This is a great opportunity to clean up our finances, including our 401(k) through the brokerage account I mentioned. If you don’t have one, you can ask your company to open a brokerage account so you can buy the types of investments you want to buy. Also consider setting up a will or trust for proper distribution of your assets after your death through Islamic mandates. If I speak somewhere, I will ask how many people have the will and faith. You’ve done everything right in your life, haven’t you? They pray five times a day, go to Hajj, fast in Ramadan, clean up their wealth through Islamic investments, but then they don’t have a plan after they die, you know what happens? their money. , and there are Islamic commands about it. We have a speaker with us today, Monem Salam. And Monem is the fund manager for Amana Mutual Funds, Amana Mutual Funds by Capital. As such, he is executive vice president of Capital. He has worked in the company since 2003. He speaks on various topics related to Islamic finance and investment and is a portfolio manager for Income Fund, Amana Income Fund and Global Development Fund. Therefore, it has a lot of information. He writes on this subject and we use his writings as the basis for this presentation on Islamic standards and methods of ablution. If you would like to find more information about his writings, they are on our website and we think we will give you that link as well. So what we’re going to talk about today might involve, you know, some numbers. So no matter what we are talking about, always remember that past results do not guarantee future results. That’s what we want to talk to you about today. So I’ll turn it over to Monem Salam and thank you, Monem, for joining us today.

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Monem Salam: Thank you very much. Bismillah, Alhamdu lillahi rabbil alamina wassalatu wassalamu dua. [All praise is due to Allah and in the name of Allah. His Messenger Muhammad] praises and blessings be upon Allah. Thank you for being able to join us today. I think it is a big topic to talk about Islamic investment itself, its history and how it happened, and maybe other criteria are used. What we can do is first talk about our own guidelines before extending them to others. Now we use a consultant who reviews our criteria. So to give you a brief history, without going too far back, our criteria… The Fiqh Council of North America helped create these criteria in the 1990s and it was finally approved in the early 2000s . The criteria we use for Amana Mutual Funds. And to ensure that we put these criteria into practice, we have hired a consultant called Amani Consultants. They are based in Malaysia and… Dr. Mohd Bakar is one of the leading scholars in Islamic finance. And so does your company, your consulting service. Amani reviews our portfolios regularly. On a quarterly basis. Then every year they sign that the fund or funds are Shariah compliant and available on our website. And maybe someone, inshallah, will post a link, if you want to check it out, you’ll love it. So what do we predict at Capital? So we can divide them into three different screens. The first is the business exhibition. So what we’re doing here is really looking at, “Which industries are illegitimate?” We say so. According to Sharia. And based on that, we will not invest. So, for example, riba

Is Mutual Fund Halal In Islam

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