Islam Beginning Date: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Muhammad was born in 570 AD in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. – His father died when he was six years old, leaving him and his mother in poverty.

After his mother died seven years later, he and his sister went to live with his uncle.

At nine years old, Muhammad became a shepherd with other youths and eventually owned a farm.

During this time, Muhammad learned about the prophets that came before him.

He reflected on their ministries and chose to reject their beliefs to follow his own spiritual revelation.

After rejecting this belief, Muhammad became convinced that he was a prophet sent by God.

Islam is the religion of Abraham, the prophet of the Koran.

The word ‘Islam’ means ‘subjection to God’ and is based on the belief that God is one and incomparable.

Islam is the dominant religion in Pakistan and is followed by over 1 billion people.

Muhammad, who founded Islam, was a messenger of God and received divine guidance from God to deliver his message to the people of Arabia.

Muhammad’s validity as a prophet of God is not dependent on his followers believing in him; rather, it is based on his actions and teachings.

To understand the teachings of Islam, one must understand Muhammad, who founded the religion.


Muhammad set out to preach this new way of life to the people of Mecca when he was 35 years old.

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After being rejected by the people of Mecca, Muhammad traveled with his followers for several years before settling in Medina.

When Muhammad besieged Medina, a group there decided to surrender rather than fight for their freedom.

This forced Muhammad to take control of Medina and make it an Islamic city- state.

Over time, Muhammad was able to conquer all of Arabia and establish Islam as a way of life for those living there.


One of these principles is that Muslims must believe in God- the supreme power in all creation- as revealed to prophets such as Jesus Christ and Mohammad.

Following this belief separates Muslims from non-believers known as atheists- people without faith in any gods or higher power.

Along with faith in God comes commitment to keeping His commandments such as not committing adultery or murder and honoring one’s spouse.

Muslims also commit themselves to maintaining peace and righteousness among all members of society through prayer, charity and ethical behavior.

Since its founding more than 1,500 years ago, Islam has spread throughout the world – especially in Africa Asia , and South America .

Today over 1 billion people practice Islam worldwide- making it the second most practiced religion in the world after Christianity .

In some regions such as Pakistan , Indonesia , Bangladesh , Nepal , and Kyrgyzstan , Muslims make up 90 percent or more of the population .

In fact, even non-religious people practice certain Islamic principles such as daily prayer or fasting during Ramadan .

Because of this widespread presence across both space and time , Islam can be referred to as ‘the world’s largest living religion.’

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Based on these facts- including Muhammad’s validity as a prophet-, teaching principles based on what he observed from previous prophets, and bringing peace through ethical behavior, Muhammad founded Islam more than 1,500 years ago.

Although many changes need to take place worldwide before humanity accepts Prophet Muhammed’s teachings wholeheartedly, they have accepted them at an increasingly faster rate since Muhammed’s death in 632 AD.

As history has shown us time and time again, one man’s legacy can shape an entire culture- heretofore unrecognized but now synonymous with ‘the opposite sex.’

Muslims believe that Allah has given humans intelligence so they can worship him correctly.

They use their intelligence to improve the world by creating technology, art, literature and social systems such as capitalism or socialism .

They use their minds to make innovative decisions that improve society as a whole .

They also use their minds to defend and spread Islam around the world- both tasks are essential for spreading God’s word through Prophet Muhammad’s example.

Anyone can benefit from regularly applying what their brain knows toward making the world a better place.

Muhammad moved from Mecca to the city of Medina to establish a community.

Once in Medina, Muhammad saw that the Meccans were educated and wealthy.

He was impressed with the abundance the city had.

Muhammad then asked his followers to fetch water from a well.

When they returned with the water, Muhammad made an adjustment to the water well and enjoyed great health and well-being as a result.

From that point on, Muhammad taught his followers how to keep their brains healthy.


Neurons connect with each other in complex ways to form neuronal networks- the main components of the brain.

Blood feeds into these networks via arteries and carries oxygen and nutrients to them via veins.

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The nourishment supplied by these nutrients sustains healthy neurons and creates new cells in the brain.

Islam requires regular devotion to the brain: you must pray five times per day and give charity regularly to maintain your mental health.

Regular devotion keeps your mental faculties strong and sharpens your mental abilities.

You’ll be better equipped to take care of yourself and others once you’ve invested time in your spiritual life.

Islam stresses regular devotion toward your mind and body in order to keep both in tip-top shape.

You’re stronger once you treat your mind as an ally instead of an opponent.

Regular exercise keeps you healthy as well as focused on your mental goals; prayer keeps your mind clean so you can focus on difficult thoughts without negative emotions bogging down your brain; charity helps you focus on charitable thoughts while improving the world; using your mind wisely promotes self-sufficiency; and promoting global peace improves the world through cooperation between individuals Minds- aerobic exercise – amplify any one’s desires while muscles – resistance – them into shape!

The brain is a complex organ located in the upper part of the human skull.

The nervous system controls many body functions, including heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and sleep cycles.

The brain also controls our emotions, conscious thoughts and bodily movements.

Essentially, your brain helps you become who you are; it’s essential for human survival.

Your brain stays healthy when it receives enough oxygen and blood flow to work properly.

Your heart works more efficiently when there’s enough blood available for it to flow throughout your body.

Your skin looks healthy when there’s enough blood for it to work properly.

Your digestive system works more effectively when there’s enough blood for it to function normally.

In addition, your eyes function more effectively when there’s enough blood for them to see clearly.

Essentially, your whole body functions more effectively when there’s enough blood for all of your organs to work properly.

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