Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch

Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch – Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Medicine in Tehran was founded on June 17, 1985. The University is a non-governmental (NGO) and non-commercial public organization; Its budget is provided by transportation for student obituaries. University of Dr. It began its training under the guidance of Syed Hussain Yahiavi and started four professional doctoral educational settings in Medicines, Nursing, Midwifery and Laboratory Sciences with the immersion of 376 scholars and now with more than 6000 scholars. Three blessed academies, 17 departments according to the conditions of study of professional doctoral studies, master’s degree, diploma.

Since March 2007, Dr. Ahmad Ferozhan remained the chairman and the university continued to recruit more teachers, launch the Education Development Center (EDC), establish and commission new fields, equip hospitals, build ultra-modern sub-specialty hospitals on Bau with 240 beds. – But the sanatorium in the current land sanatorium, the creation of research centers and related artistic issues are different topics that were previously important for the medical industry in Tehran.

Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch

In 2017, the governing committee of Islamic Azad University decided to merge the medical, dental and pharmaceutical fields, which is one of the largest fields of medical and clinical science in Islamic Azad University. After the merger, Dental, Pharmaceutical and Medical Law functions and is united under one umbrella, Azad Islamic University of Medical Law.

Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch

The university, a nationally recognized high-profile institution that provides excellent teaching, research and clinical services to the community, offers a variety of opportunities and an excellent environment for teaching and research in medicine.

The duration of MBBS in Iran is 6 years. The first five years of the course are devoted to acquiring theoretical and technical knowledge, and then the focus shifts to their intelligent implementation in the form of a one-year internship. Iran offers one of the cheapest options for scientific testing to get the most out of the experience.

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Arak University is located in the central part (Arak, Markazi Province) of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Arak University was founded in 1970 and after more than 50 years of operation, the support of 300 full-time and 400 part-time academic members supports the excellent quality of Arak University’s programs.

Iran has long been one of the top destinations for Indian students pursuing medical degrees. If you are interested in MBBS program at Azad Islamic University of Medical Sciences, check the relevant requirements below.

Using Balanced Scorecard In Educational Organizations

Applicants will be required to pass an exam during the admissions process. The academic year is traditionally divided into semesters, as in many other Iranian universities. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery) and MD (Master of Medicine) are the two most popular medical degrees (Doctor of Medicine) offered in Iranian universities. The prerequisites for applying for MBBS vary depending on the university you wish to apply to. The requirements given here are approximate. So, to get a comprehensive picture, you need to research the university of your choice. Some of the general MBBS criteria include:

Make sure you have all the relevant documents before you apply to enter Iran to avoid confusion or last-minute rush. The following documents are required for admission to MBBS in Iran:

Living fees in Iran for Indian students can be very low compared to other countries. The hostels are perfectly located with all the necessities for the comfort of students from all over the world. Iran provides all its students with a safe and stable environment. Iran’s prominent clinical universities offer students a safe and reliable exercise and lifestyle. Iran offers all its students the opportunity to learn about the environment in a safe and sustainable way. The best clinical institutions in Iran provide students with a safe and stable learning environment in addition to a lifestyle.

Foreign nationals immigrating to Iran will find that the United States is less likely to pay American living allowances. The highest fee can be accommodation for most people. International college fees, which are high, can be another major factor for foreign parents. Transport is generally cheap, as are many different regular fees. A typical monthly income is only $500, which is enough to live a daily lifestyle.

University Of Tehran Tabriz Islamic Art University Iran University Of Science And Technology Islamic Azad University, Science And Research Branch, Tehran Tehran University Of Art, Png

We believe in thoroughness and invest our time in gathering all the information flawlessly. We use a real-life repository to get true and reliable information about various universities – their fields, eligibility criteria, qualifications, workflow, admission requirements, application procedures and much more. With us you will find the right way to your dream. From a list of many options, we help you choose the perfect bone for you that suits your preferences and fits your parameters like budget, preferences, abilities, interests, etc. We will also help you with finances such as loans and insurance. We believe that our main responsibility is to help you throughout the process. Thus, we provide all relevant assistance required during the process, such as attendance, departure, visa, travel, training, accommodation, etc. Whenever you face any difficulty in the process, you can contact us anytime, we are here to help you and guide you.

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MBBS is the most prestigious degree in the world for professional medical degrees. A transnational MBBS degree is offered by thousands of universities around the world. Iran is one of the best places in the world to study medicine.

Iran university admission process is very easy and there are no entrance tests for it except NEET test for Indian scholars for MBBS degree.

In Iran, you will find both public and private institutions, and tuition fees will vary depending on which system you choose. On average, transnational scholars have to pay between £700/$900 and £1,500/$10,000 per study period.

Islamic Azad University Of Mahshar Iran University Of Science And Technology Islamic Azad University Of Karaj University Of Tehran Islamic Azad University Of Shiraz, University, Blue, Angle, Text Png

Crocker’s undergraduate medical training in Iran takes about six times as long. Early Knowledge has a two-hour pre-med course. After this, a public entrance examination is held for all preachers who want to study medicine. Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Science and Research, Tehran

The Research Department of the Islamic Azad University was established in November 1984 with the aim of “training the youth so that they can become specialized and efficient. In Tehran, SRBIAU started activities with 250 students in the fields of humanities, engineering, basic sciences and agriculture.

SRBIAU has grown rapidly and is now home to 13 faculties and 17 research centers offering 700 disciplines at the undergraduate and postgraduate level with a total of over 45,000 students. The teaching staff consists of 1,700 highly qualified full-time and part-time employees, as well as guest professors of outstanding figures in the field of science and research.

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SRBIAU’s finances are mainly based on tuition fees, although in recent years the university has tried to diversify its sources of income by commercializing its research activities.

Islamic Azad University

The activities of the SRBIAU have made significant contributions to the development of the country, including the establishment of a number of research centers such as the G Bank, the registration of numerous innovations by the research institute, and the management of several research projects. Post-graduate and post-doctoral students of SRBIAU, along with faculty, have published numerous articles in ISI journals, paving the way for the achievement and advancement of the university’s mission and vision.

The main administration consists of the General Directorate, which deals with international affairs, GDR issues and public relations. The President is supported by four Vice-Presidents who deal with administrative and financial affairs, cultural and educational affairs, research and technology, and academic and graduate affairs.

The main consultative and advisory bodies are the Council of Vice Presidents, the Administrative Council and the Council of Branches of the SRBYU. Each faculty is headed by a dean with significant powers. Deans are members of the Governing Board.

The faculty was founded in 1986, and started working as an independent institution in 1999. Biology and geology were among the first subjects offered by the faculty. In the period 1993-1994, the first post-graduate course (master’s) in biology-getics was approved and started. In 1995, new disciplines were added, namely marine biology, marine physics and mathematics. In the same year, he entered the doctoral program in mathematics. In 2003, FBS introduced basic research in women’s biology and plant biology. The Prestley Faculty provides teaching and research for 1,790 students in 54 disciplines and sub-disciplines at master’s, postgraduate and honors levels.

Islamic Azad University Of Karaj

The Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FMAE), originally part of the Faculty of Engineering, was separated from the Faculty in 2008 to operate as an independent institution reflecting a wide range of interests and a large number of students and faculty. .doing . The main objective of this department is to teach and prepare students in mathematics, physics, mechanics and aeronautical sciences to develop strengths and abilities to analyze, model, construct, measure, design and implement solutions in a wide range of engineering fields. Faculty of Bachelor of Engineering, Arch. Mechanical and others

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