Islamic Prayer For The Dead

Islamic Prayer For The Dead – On the authority of Abu Hurairah, that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (Visit the graves, for they remind you of the Hereafter). Grade: Sahih (Dar al-Salam) English Reference: Sunan Ibn Majah vol. 1, Book 6, Hadith 1569 Arabic Reference: Book 6, Hadith 1636

Asalamualikum, there are many rewards and benefits of visiting the cemetery. God willing, by the end of this article, you will know what prayers you should recite when you visit the grave. We will also cover other hadiths about visiting the cemetery so that you are familiar with this topic.

Islamic Prayer For The Dead

Translation: Peace be upon you all, O people of the graves from among the believers and Muslims. Indeed, if God wills, we will follow it soon (and die). We ask God for success – that it be for us and for you. .

Funeral & Burial

Note: * The term (Muslims) here means all Muslims regardless of whether they are righteous or unrighteous, while a mumin or believer refers only to the righteous among Muslims. This should be the case in all instances of a Muslim and a believer when they are mentioned together in one place. Reference: Sahih Muslim 975 Reference in the book: Book 11, Hadith 133

On the authority of Jabir: The Messenger of God, prayers and peace of God be upon him, forbade cleaning graves, sitting on them and building on them. Source: Sahih Muslim 970, grade: Sahih according to Muslim

Al-Nawawi said: In this hadith, there is no approval for cleaning graves and building on them, and it is forbidden to sit on them.

On the authority of Abu Hurairah, on the authority of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, who said: None of you desires death. Either he is a doer of good, so he can do more good, or he is a doer of evil, but perhaps he will abandon his evil ways.” Grade: Sahih (Dar al-Salam) Ref: Sunan al-Nasa’i 1818 Reference in the book: Book 21, Hadith 1

Ep. 3: The Best Du’as For Them

You should not wish for an early death. Every waking moment can be an opportunity for you to rank your good deeds higher and secure a place in heaven. You can seek forgiveness from God.

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On the authority of Ibn Abbas, he said: If a young girl died, the Messenger of God, the prayers of God and peace be upon him, carried her and held her on his chest, then put his hand on her, and she died in in front of her Messenger of God.

Umm Ayman cried, so the Messenger of God said: O Umm Ayman, do you cry when the Messenger of God is with you? She said: Why should I not cry with the Messenger of God, may God bless him and give him peace?

The Messenger of God said: (I do not cry, but rather it is mercy), then the Messenger of God (God bless him and grant him peace) said: (The believer is well, whatever his condition, even if his soul is taken from his body, therefore he praises God Almighty). Sublime “” Degree: Hasan (Dar al-Salam) Reference: Sunan al-Nisa’i 1843 Reference in the book: Book 21, Hadith 26

Respect For The Dead Under Islamic Law: Considerations For Humanitarian Forensics

But Muhammad was allowed to visit his mother’s grave, so visit them because they will remind you of the Hereafter. Grade: Sahih (Dar al-Salam) Reference: Jami’ al-Tirmidhi 1054 Reference in the book: Book 10, Hadith 90

The Prophet, God bless him and grant him peace, came to visit Abdullah bin Thabit (when he was ill) and found him very close to death. He called him, but he did not answer, and the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (We belong to God and to Him we will return), so he said: We wanted to live; , but we were overwhelmed. God, father of spring. The women screamed and cried, and Ibn Ateeq kept telling them to be quiet. The Messenger of God, may God bless him and give him peace, said: “Let them go, and when the inevitable comes, no one will cry.” They said: What is inevitable, O Messenger of God? He said: Death.

On the authority of Ibn Umar, on the authority of Omar, that the Prophet said: “The deceased will be punished for the shouting of his family over him.” Grade: Sahih (Dar al-Salam) Reference: Sunan al-Nisa’i 1848 Reference in the book: Book 21, Hadith 31

It is human nature to start crying but when you start crying and screaming it becomes unacceptable. Try to control your emotions, because complaining is a sign of your dissatisfaction with God’s destiny.

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How To Pray Salat Janazah: A Guide To Funeral Prayers

On the authority of Abu Hurairah: The Messenger of God visited his mother’s grave, so he wept with tears around him and said: I asked permission from my Lord to forgive her, but he did not give it to me, so I asked permission. Visit her grave and you gave me to visit graves because it makes you aware of death. Reference: Sahih Muslim 976b. Reference in the book: Book 11, Hadith 135

From this hadith, many scholars understood that the mother of the Prophet (PBUH) died as a worshiper. So he had no right to ask God for forgiveness for her. Some dispute this interpretation, however many interpret it as permission to visit the graves of non-Muslims.

The Prophet (God bless him and grant him peace) said: (Do not negotiate with the dead, for they have reached the conclusion of what they conveyed). Reference: Sahih al-Bukhari 1393 Reference in the book: Book 23, Hadith 148

On the authority of Ibn Omar, he said: The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: Remember the good in your dead, and refrain from their evil. References Kitab al-Tirmidhi for Janiz number 1019 Jami` al-Tirmidhi Vol. 2, Book 10, Hadith 1019

Dhikr: 5 Best Azkar With The Best Rewards In Islam

Visiting the grave can be a significant spiritual journey. Remember the message of the Prophet: What is inevitable, O Messenger of God? He said, “Death.”

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Salatul Janazah — Learn Islam

“Ask forgiveness for your brother, and be firm (in his answers), for now he is being questioned.” [Narrated by Abu Dawood 3221, Al-Hakim and others. It was validated by Al Albani in Ahkam Al Junayz p. 198 And Sahih Al-Jami’, no. 4760]

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After the funeral, it is desirable to stand near the grave for a while and pray for the deceased. It is not desirable to ask the dead to tell the angels things that will then ask him! [And it came in a story that the deceased should be ordered to do certain things, and it is not permissible to use him; Because it is very weak, as confirmed by Al-Albani (Al-Silsilah Al-Da’eefah). 599)]

“After you bury me, stand around my grave as long as it takes to slaughter the camel and distribute its meat; then I will be comforted by Your presence when I answer the messengers of my Lord (the two angels).

Can Women Attend The Burial Of The Deceased?

It is not prescribed on this occasion to recite anything from the Qur’an, nor to remind the deceased of his testimony [i.e. Kalam Shahada] – which is what some people practice. There is no hadith confirming this practice.

Rather, what is prescribed in this previous instance is to ask forgiveness for the deceased, and we ask God to prove it [at the time of questioning the angels].

For other Sunnah related to funerals, see the book “Regulations and Tips for Funerals” by Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa al-Jabali.

The author – God bless him and give him peace – said in his book Riyad Salihin: The chapter on supplication for the dead after burial, and sitting near his grave for a while to beg and ask for forgiveness!

How To Pray The Janazah (funeral) Prayer

This is because as soon as the deceased is buried, two angels approach him to ask him about his Lord, his religion and his Prophet. The Prophet remains at the grave after burying the body. He says: Ask forgiveness for your brother and seek forgiveness for him, because he has now questioned him. It has been proven in the Sunnah that a person waits after the funeral to pray for the deceased. He says: Oh God! Forgive him three times. O God, make him fast three times. This is because the Prophet used to pray his prayer three times [see Bukhari no. 240 Sahih Muslim No. 1794]. And then he goes without sitting down to recite a remembrance or ask for forgiveness.

This is proven in the year. About what (Nawawi) – God bless him and grant him peace – mentioned on the authority of Amr bin Al-Aas.

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