Islamic Wife And Husband Quotes

Islamic Wife And Husband Quotes – Islamic Marriage Quotes for Husband and Wife. At some point in our lives, we’ve all dreamed of marrying the perfect man and Prince Charming, but have we ever thought of being the right man or woman for someone else?

Yes, marriage is made in heaven but for marriage to work on earth it needs determination, love and of course a lot of patience as we are fallible human beings. Guess what the marriage bonus is! One can gradually master the art of anger management because ignoring each other’s faults and mistakes allows us to tolerate each other day after day. To forgive and forget someone’s mistake is needed to bring out the magical power of love between a man and a woman. Being a soul mate is not an easy task as it requires a lot of effort and dedication of love for each other.

Islamic Wife And Husband Quotes

Marriage is a beautiful relationship defined by Islam here we are talking about real love and not real love that we are too busy with fairy tales and glossy movies. Before you find love, you must be able to love God and science for His sake. Below is a collection of good holy sayings about marriage between husband and wife that will really strengthen your feelings and your marriage. Let’s look at the famous sayings of the Holy Quran, Prophets and Islamic scholars.

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Before you can love someone else, it is important to love yourself. You can’t give someone all your love and desires if you don’t go first. Start by loving yourself first and then spread that love to those around you. Also check out these 40 Islamic Facebook cover images with Islamic quotes.

Focus on being the right man/woman first rather than focusing on finding the right movie star life partner. A God-fearing and pious man can be the best man you could wish for. A good man is what everyone fears.

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The woman is described as a cloth worn by each other which means that they protect and defend thin and thin. They complement each other and cover each other’s flaws and hide each other’s flaws.

A successful marriage is based on love and agreement. Any romantic relationship built on patience and compromise will win at any cost.

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Check out the secret formula for a blessed and successful marriage. The ultimate trick to a successful marriage is to give love to your partner to the maximum extent.

The person who fears Allah the most is the right companion for anyone who seeks good companionship.

The two people who pray together stick together no matter what. Whether it is a difficult time or a happy time, the perfect man and woman are those who stand by each other no matter how difficult the situation.

Zoya was interested in signing her PhD. Although he has several academic books to his name, it took him a while to gain the confidence to express himself in writing. Now he aims to use his writing skills to realize his dream of becoming a philanthropist one day. In Islam, the wife is the queen of her family. Show appreciation, love and encouragement to your wife’s behavior with Islamic quotes. Strengthen and strengthen your marriage with Islamic sayings for husband and wife and chaste sayings for husband and wife.

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For Muslims, marriage is the foundation of family life, the husband or wife is afraid of the grace of Allah. Islamic marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman to be faithful, respect each other, and love each other according to the principles established by the Sharia. The best source of authority and role model is our pious prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Take time to learn about his (PBUH) life and his blessed character, you will always be amazed.

In the religion of Islam, both the husband and the wife are responsible to make their marriage successful and enter Paradise, Insha Allah. Find the following things about how to treat your wife in the sayings and sayings of the wife and the wife in Islam, which we have written for your convenience.

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Wife Love In Islam

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The Prophet had a Persian neighbor who was good at cooking. One day he made soup and invited the Prophet. Aisha was there, so the Prophet encouraged the neighbor to follow her. The neighbor refused to join the invitation. Therefore the Prophet declined the invitation. The Persian repeated his personal invitation to the Prophet who again refused the invitation. In the third attempt, a Persian neighbor invited the Prophet and his wife Aisha (may God be pleased with him). Then the Prophet accepted his invitation and accompanied Aisha to this man’s house. (Muslim)

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It was a holiday and some Ethiopians were playing with shields and spears. Either I asked the Messenger (PBUH) or he himself asked me if I wanted to see the show. I replied to him. Then he let me stand behind him; My cheek touched his cheek and said “Go to Arfida (Ethiopia)!” When I was tired he asked me if I had enough. I bowed down and answered and he said go. (Al-Bukhari)

He accompanied the Prophet on a journey when he was young. The Prophet told the people to go ahead and then asked Aisha to run away with him. They had a competition and Aisha won. On the next trip, when Aisha forgot about the race and gained weight, the Prophet told her to run away with him again. He refused, “How can I run with you in such a situation?” The Prophet insisted and started a race. The Prophet was successful this time. Then he laughed and said, we are done now. (Al-Albani)

The Prophet used to give her a vessel to drink from, and when she had her period, she would find a place to put it on her lips and place it on her lips. (An-Nasa’i) The Prophet once said to Aisha: “I know that you are happy with me and that you are angry with me.” Aisha replied: How do you know? He said: When you are pleased with me you swear “I swear by Allah Muhammad”, and when you are angry you swear “I swear by Allah Ibrahim”. He said: Yes, I will not tell you your name. Safiyah R.A was on a journey with the Prophet CSW. It was late and the Prophet (PBUH) welcomed him while crying. He wiped her tears with his hands and tried his best to calm her down. When the Ethiopians were learning to shoot at the mosque building, the Prophet (PBUH) stood watching with his wife. He didn’t just stop his wife, he put on his coat. The Prophet PBUH, although he had other duties, remained with his wife. When did he go?

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