Jesus Birth Date In Islam

Jesus Birth Date In Islam – The most quoted prophet in the Koran, the holy book of Islam, is Jesus. He is referred to by his Arabic name Isa, or ibn Maryam, the son of Maryam and Masiha or Messiah. In fact, Virgin Mary, or the Virgin Mary, is the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran. With Christmas around the corner, I would like to repeat the story of his virgin birth, as given in the Koran.

Maryam (Arabic name for Mary) was born recently to her parents Hannah bint Faqudh and Imran. Hannah and Imran have been married for 50 years without children. One day, overcoming her mother’s thoughts, after seeing a bird eating chicks, Hana prayed again and vowed that if she and her husband were blessed with children, she would sacrifice them to serve Jehovah.

Jesus Birth Date In Islam

Her husband Imran was a priest at Bait-ul-Muqaddis (Solomon’s temple) in Jerusalem, and he came to her in prayer. He was often ridiculed because every righteous person was blessed with a child who would save him. Desperate, he left home and went to the mountains to pray alone.

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While Hana prayed in the garden, Imran prayed on the mountain, and Allah listened from heaven. So she was pregnant.

Unfortunately, Imran died before the pregnancy took place and was not there to share the joy of his daughter’s birth. Ana cried with joy at the birth of her child and regretted that Imran had deprived her of her happiness, and named the child Maryam.

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After that, he took the boy, wrapped him in a cloak, took him to the church, and gave him to the apostles.

Zakaria (Arabic name Zakaria), the husband of Ana’s sister, was chosen as her guardian after a draw: the family decided to go to the Jordan River and throw a Torah pen into its water. Whoever holds the pen will be Maria’s guardian. Zakari’s pen was still floating while it remained sinking to the ground.

The Qur’an And The Christian: An In Depth Look Into The Book Of Islam For Followers Of Jesus

He was also the father of Yaya (the Arabic name of John the Baptist), who planned the coming of the Messiah, Asa.

In the temple, Mariam grew into a beautiful woman with dignity and beauty.

When he came of age, Zachary gave him a separate room in the temple where he continued to practice his devotion to God. Whenever Zakari came to visit the house, he would find him with a basket of fruits and unripe fruits.

“Hey Maria! Where did you get this from?” He said: “From Allah.

Prophet Isa (jesus) As In Islam

Ali Ibn Abi Talib narrates that the Prophet Muhammad said that the most beautiful women in the world were Maryam and Khadijah in his lifetime. Indeed, Maryam was God’s chosen person, and one day she found out why.

While he was praying, angels visited him with a human body. Distraught, he placed a veil between himself and the angel and wept

“No, I am only the messenger of your Lord (to announce) to you the gift of the Holy Son.” Oh Mary!

“O Mary! Allah has given you the good news of His Word: His name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary who is beloved in this world and in the world, and among those who are close to Allah.

My Great Love For Jesus Led Me To Islam

“He will speak to people in youth and in adulthood, and it will be (a group of) righteous people.”

He said: “But Allah is the Creator of what they will: when they plan a plan, they say to it: “Let it happen and it will happen!

The angel continued to describe the prophet Jesus and he would be an apostle to the children of Israel.

To this day, Mariam’s life is one of prayer and devotion to her Lord in a quiet corner of the temple. He had no knowledge of the world and did not really understand what he was talking about. Soon she became pregnant.

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The Good Shepherd: Jesus Christ In Islam By Bilal Muhammad

No physical contact with the man, he suffered and did not know how to explain to the world. Therefore, he decided to go to a distant place.

He first stopped in the city of Nazareth, but, because he was afraid of an unmarried girl and being ridiculed in public, he went to Mount Bethlehem, east of Jerusalem, away from the eyes of his family, and congratulated himself. .

Miriam stayed in the mountains during her pregnancy, during which Jehovah fed her. God told him to be alone and not to talk to anyone.

He stayed here until the child was born. Since he had never seen a child before, he did not know that it was a stomach ache and he cried with grief.

What You Don’t Know About Jesus’ Birth

And the pangs of childbirth drive her to the bottom of the palm tree: she cries (in her grief): “Oh! You want me to die before I die, I am a forgotten and unseen thing!”

But (there was a voice) calling him under the palm tree: “Do not be sad, because your Lord has given you a cloak under you.”

“Shake the palm tree alone, and it will bring you new fruit.”

“Eat, drink, cool your eyes, and if you see someone, say: ‘I swear by a good young man, and today I am not talking to anyone.’”

What Do Islam And Quran Say About Jesus Christ (pbuh)?

After a while, he brought (the child) to his people, and held him (in his arms). They said: “O Mary!

When the people of Nazareth laugh at him during childbirth, the baby speaks like an angel.

“And he blesses me wherever I am, and he commands me to pray and to show grace, I have life.

“Therefore, peace be upon me, the day I was born, the day I died and the day I will rise (again)”!

Things You Might Not Know About Jesus In Islam

Maryam decided to return to Jerusalem with the child. Those who knew her as a decent woman were surprised! He was charged.

“Aron’s sister! Your father is not a bad man, and your mother is not a bad woman! “

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Maryam is tired of yelling and pointing. Then, with a finger to his mouth, he pointed to his newborn child, who he knew had received the gift of speech in series. His son is the witness of the purity of his character.

And he blesses me where I am, and commands me to pray and have mercy all the days of my life.

Pdf) The Qur’anic Jesus: Isa Al Masih In The Qur’an

“Therefore, peace be upon me, the day I was born, the day I died, and the day I would be resurrected (again).

This is Jesus, the Son of Mary: (This) is a true word which they dispute (without). The view of the Dome of the Rock from the window of the Church of Dominus Flevit on the Mount of Olives facing the walls of the old city of Jerusalem.

And his mother, Mary, is the main source of the origin of faith, as described in the Holy Quran. Many do not know that Muslims do not take the name of Jesus.

We purified Jesus, the son of Mary, and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. Koran 2:87

What The Quran Reveals About The Birth Of Jesus

Look! The messengers said: O Mary! Allah gives you the good news of His Word: His name will be Christ Jesus, the beloved son of Mary in this world and in the world to come, and among those who are closest to Allah, Koran 3:45.

Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah, and 4:171

Then We sent Jesus, the son of Mary, to confirm the law that had come before him.. Koran 5:46.

Although Jesus is mentioned by name in 25 places in the Holy Quran, he is honored as: “Ibne Maryam” – son of Mary; as Masi (Heb) Messiah – Translated as Christ; “Abd-ullah,” the servant of Allah; “Rasul-Ullah” – Messenger of Allah.

Jesus Through Muslim Eyes’

He is called “the Word of God,” “the Spirit of God,” “a sign of God,” and the words of praise are spread over fifteen different chapters. The Koran honors this great messenger of God, and for more than fourteen hundred years, Muslims continued to accept Jesus as the symbol of truth.

Consider that they were born on December 25th. However, one knows that he was not born today. It is well known that the early Christian churches celebrated their festivals in May, April or January. Scholars of the first 200 AD even differ in the year he was born. Some believe it was born forever

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