Prayer For Mother In Law In Islam

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Let us continue this great work of Imam Al-Bukhari (Rahimahullah Ta’ala) called “Al-Adab Al-Mufrad” with the interpretation of Ash-Shaykh Al-Allama Sa’id Bin Muhammad Al-Madkhali (Rahimahullah Ta’ala). . From me (Abu Khadija).

Prayer For Mother In Law In Islam

So, Imam al-Bukhari brought the narration in this hadith, where Musaddad narrated to us, Ismail bin Ibrahim narrated to us, Ziyad bin Mikhraq said, Mai Taysalah said. To me, he said, “I lived with the sect of Najadat…” Meaning: He lived with the sect of Khawarij, the followers of Najda bin Amir, “… I committed a sin. I committed it. It was considered a great sin. Then I told Ibn Umar (RA) said, ‘What is that?’ Then I said to him: They are like that.” Ibn Umar said: “They are not from major sins.

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Then Ibn Umar said to me: Do you want salvation from Hell, do you want to enter Paradise? I said: Yes, my God! Then he said: “Is your mother alive?” He said: Yes, my mother is there. Ibn Umar said to him: “O Allah! If you speak to him with kindness and humility and feed him, you will enter Paradise as long as you avoid major sins.” (slide)

This narration from Abdullah ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) is Sahih and authentic. Shaykh Sa’id (rahimahullah ta’ala) said: This athar (story) is a fatwa from the scholars. It has wisdom, patience and endurance. The wise cannot underestimate the love of God, and the best thing a person can and can do is draw closer to Allah, even in terms of justice to do, parents, to have rights.

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The best thing people can do when it comes to human rights is to be good and responsible to their parents. This can be done and shown by feeding them when they ask for food – you feed your parents and you feed them. As Abdullahibn Umar said to this person, speaking to them kindly and kindly. “By God! If you speak kindly and gently to her …” Meaning: You treat her well, “let her be fed.” Meaning: Do not leave them starving and starving. Do everything to please them, do what they want and serve them.

In fact, parents do not burden their children unnecessarily or hurt them. Parents raise and educate their children. And if you are hard and strong inside, it will benefit your children, because sometimes they will have to learn agriculture. That means teaching them good manners and manners. Parents should not let them ride alone instead of teaching them by holding hands. Also, parents do not burden their children. Children are not forced to send them here or there by giving them wealth and money. Parents don’t do that to their children. If they hold on to those things, holding on is for the children. Just as you do not allow your children to touch the flame with their hands, you do not allow them to; Protect them. You capture them and bring them back because they are for your own benefit

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Therefore, parents teach their children and interact with them to protect themselves. They are allowed to teach them, to seat them, to teach them, and to raise them. All these things are for the benefit of the children because they will one day become parents, leaders, teachers and members of society. Even after the death of parents.

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So it is up to the parents to bring up the children. These hadiths are the hadiths of agriculture. Because Abdullahibn Umar taught this man how to take care of his mother. After this chapter in al-Adab al-Mufrad, we have hundreds of chapters on cultivation and education (tarbiya): how to make a prophet, how to make children strangers, how to treat neighbors, how. Respect old age and how to care for old age. All these are contained in this book. Also, eat and drink, take care of the poor, live with the poor, etc. These are all ways we teach our children and families.

So, it makes children sit down and teach them to start understanding how to respect others in the society, how to look after them and take care of them. They learn manners: dress, behavior in public places, family behavior, behavior of young people, behavior of the elderly, behavior of nurses, behavior of prudent students. , how to protect yourself from embarrassment and shame.

All this is from Tarbiyya Annabawiyyah (cultivation of the Prophet) in which the Prophet (PBUH) raised his companions. He is like their father. That is why his wife is called the father of Umma in cultivation and care as she is the mother of the believers. But he is more than a father because the Messenger of God (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) cares for the believers more than a father does for his own children.

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So you will see that parents do not torture their children: they do not force their children to eat. You will see them spending money of their own wealth on their children at their own peril, even if they are starving while wearing scanty clothes and cheap clothes. Because they want khair (good) for their children. They pay fees to Islamic schools for their children: thousands of dollars or pounds. But they went out. how come? For child labour.

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So when parents ask their children, it is for their benefit. But in most cases, parents are kinder, more giving and kinder to their children than they are to themselves. Many children do not understand because they only look at what is in front of them, they do not know, because their parents are waiting for years for their children, their marriage, their future and their children. How they will emerge in the coming years. When the child looks at short-term values: What happened today? what is tomorrow

So in most cases you will find that parents are kind to their children and give more than they do as many do. It is something that God has placed in human nature. Of course, that’s what animals are. You will find similar care practices among animals. Animals are not allowed to touch their children. A mother will kill herself before allowing her child to be harmed by predators. Animals are kind to children. This is stated in the hadeeth of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) who said that the Messenger of Allah (alaihi assalat wa assalam) said that there are 100 parts of Allah’s mercy and from Him. A part has been sent. Love the inhabitants of the earth, that they may love one another. For this reason, the animal will raise its heel, and it will not lower it in fear until it fears to destroy its children. [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Here’s something you’ve seen before: You see a huge boar running across a vast plain in Africa or somewhere else.

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