Prayer For My Husband In Difficult Times In Islam

Prayer For My Husband In Difficult Times In Islam – Your husband is the man God has chosen to be the head of your family. He is your friend, your lover, and the father of your children. Therefore, his concern should be your concern. It is possible to protect him while he is away, but you can give them a prayer to God to do this and more.

Prayers for your husband can do miracles, so we have provided sample prayers that you can present to your husband in different areas of his life.

Prayer For My Husband In Difficult Times In Islam

1: Heavenly Father, I thank you for my husband’s life, and for the power you have given him to succeed in all his ways. Do not make his path straight or crooked today. Lift him up in his distress, in the name of Jesus.

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2: I appreciate that my husband’s life is full of things. Morning and evening will be better. The Lord’s mercy is with everything he does. Amen.

3: I declare that everything my husband touches today is blessed. He is the head, not the tail. Only goodness and kindness will follow him throughout his life. He is victorious in all his ways, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

4: My husband’s hands are not dry but they are. He will do more today than yesterday. Around him, things will happen for him in a good place. He is the first, not the last. Nothing is impossible for him.

5: What my husband lays his hands on will be increased and enriched. He will be a leader, a leader for others to follow. He will not go down, but will not go up; The glory of God came upon him.

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6: Today I pray that my beloved person will sit before the throne. He will find favor with mankind, and his efforts will be successful. There is no obstacle that makes him fall for him as a top pilot.

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7 My husband’s business will be happy; There is no debt in the hands at all. I have a rush in his life; He will defeat his enemies and rise to the top, in Jesus name. Amen.

8: Today and always, my husband is good at his profession. He is the best in his field and there is no time for him to fail. He is an ambassador, among the high ones, who has excelled in the work that has been assigned to him.

9: Everything dry, my husband makes it possible. Something slow, my husband’s creativity will speed it up. Everything that died, God will use my husband to rise again, in Jesus name. Amen.

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10: Wherever my husband enters today he will experience prosperity. He is blessed with blessings from God, and nothing can prevent him from showing his kingdom.

11: I learn difficult things to make it easier for my husband. Let every mountain melt before him, and let every deep valley melt before him, he will never fail, because the glory of God is reflected.

12: None of my husband’s efforts are happening today. He will add a little, and he will get good results. I will not make any mistakes that I will regret.

13: There will be no power to keep my beloved from his place of glory. He has the blessings of the Lord working in his life to be special in every way. Lord in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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14: Today, when my husband is gone, he will be surrounded by the angels of God, you who are alive. They will watch him, and he will not throw a stone at his feet.

15 I am not afraid to protect my husband because I know that God is in control of his life. He is protected from evil, and the enemy will not harm him.

16: The flying arrow of the day will think about my husband. Any way, no matter where you are.

17: Night terror will not happen to my husband. Even when the wicked gather in Him, they will be scattered in His name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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18 And a thousand will fall from the side of my husband, and ten thousand from his right hand, but none of them will come near him, for to him is the salvation of God. Amen.

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19: Beloved man, the weapons against you will not be believed. You will escape from all kinds of gangsters who will fight for your life. The testimony of Jehovah’s protection will be your portion in the name of Jesus Christ.

20 My confidence is that the God I serve will protect my husband from all evil. Even if he drives on the highway, there will be no accident. His outgoings and incomings are preserved in the name of Jesus. Amen.

21: The angels of the Lord always surround my husband to protect him, witness and magic. His sanity will be protected and no strange sickness will befall him in the name of Jesus.

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22: Today my husband is in the fence, that God would protect him. Snakes don’t bite. His body is protected from all kinds of poisons. I declare that he will not fall into the hands of the wicked.

23 Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, God surrounds you man, he will be safe everywhere. Because of him, many lives will be saved during terrorist attacks. Every time he asks the Lord, he will be helped.

24 Lord, save my husband from evil. He is your son’s source, fight against those who are against him. Amen.

25 When the storm is before my husband, may the Lord give him back. When danger comes, let the Holy Spirit move him to escape.

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26: Heavenly Father, give your son the strength to dig today. I pray that you will give him the power to do what is right and sufficient. Heart in your eyes, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

27 In the past, I put my husband in your hands. I pray that in the place of fear there is courage in their hearts. Treat him like your sheep. May he have the strength of mind to resist evil and do good in the name of Jesus. Amen.

28 I pray that in this place of fear my husband will find strength in his heart. Where there is wrath and trouble, let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Father, hold me in the strength of your love, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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29 Lord, increase my husband’s strength. Where he is weak, restore his strength, and you will be his portion forever in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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30 Lord, as my husband trusted you, let him not be ashamed. Always remind him that you are with him so that he does not collapse under pressure. Anoint him to do more for you.

31: Father, when the enemy rises against my husband, defend yourself. Stand up in your strength, and give him the strength of mind to fight the challenge.

32 The Lord is the one who gives strength. Where my husband feels weak, encourage him to look to your grace and be strong. Let not his flesh overcome his spirit when tempted.

33 I pray today that the work of my husband’s hands will not be done.

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34: King of my honor, let my husband be recognized at work. I declare that his glory should not be forced upon evil heads and evil men, when it is his time to shine, there can be no power to say otherwise.

35: Grandfather, my husband, went out to his daily life today, probably at home. Please stay away from those who eat for themselves. Give him the grace to save and make the right investment in the name of Jesus. Amen.

36: Father, give my husband the helper of fate, who dares according to his position. I judge the fatigue and procrastination in your life, in the name of the Lord. Su. Amen.

37: Lord, help my husband to see and use the opportunity to raise him. Be open to learning the principles of success that will make his career more successful.

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38 Lord, make a way for my husband. Increase his income, and let him grow. Honor the fruit of his labor, and should not forget it when his hands become rich. Alexis received his master’s degree from Denver Seminary, and his bachelor’s degree from Colorado Christian University. She was in the technical ministry for over 15 years. She has served in ministry positions such as associate pastor, youth minister and spiritual director.

I have been married since 2008, and I can confirm this: we cannot pray for our husbands

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