Quotes For Husband In Islam

Quotes For Husband In Islam – Islamic love quotes for him. Muslim couples are always taught to love each other. When they look at each other with love, it pleases Allah and He looks at them with mercy. Spousal love is the best love because it strengthens their faith and perfects their madness.

Among His signs He created for you friends from yourselves, so that you may be at peace with them, and you may put love and mercy between your hearts: indeed, He has signs for those who think. Quran Ar-Rum, 30:21 The love between two souls is not greater than the love between spouses Tafsir Ibn Kathir 3:525

Quotes For Husband In Islam

A woman’s love for her husband is like a sacred bond. This love grows stronger because Allah sealed their fate before each other’s birth. Their true love and compassion is only for the sake of Allah. We have posted some quotes for her/husband to show your feelings and secret love towards him.

Laughter Discovered By Muslima209 On We Heart It

↓ 40-  Allah, take special care of my husband, bless his mind and heart, body and soul is strength, and make it easy for him to go the way you want him to go.

↓ 38- Marry a man who fears Allah and he will treat you straight out of fear of Allah.

↓ 37- I don’t need a ring. I need his queen. I would rather he take me to Jana and make me his queen.

↓ 34- You are my best friend, my human diary and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you.

The Most Amazing Relationship

↓ 31-Love makes a duet every time your husband walks out the door to return safely.

↓ 29- Give me your hand and let us rise and start the way to Allah. This world is not suitable for us.

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↓ 28- Do you want a man to dance behind you in the club? Or the man in front of you leading the prayer?

↓ 27- A righteous husband/wife who helps you in worldly and religious matters is the best treasure.

Marriage, A Gift For The Youth

↓26-  And he should be like a child with his wife, but if necessary, he should behave like a man. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab R.A

↓ 25- The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, said; The more polite and kind a Muslim is to his wife, the more perfect he is in religion.

↓ 24- I want love he says; Not even death will do us part, because we will be united in Janan. Insha Allah.

↓ 23- The laughter of our spouse is one of the best sounds in life. Always try to make them smile and make them happy Insha Allah.

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↓ 21- A good man wipes his tears and a great man listens to the story of why he is crying.

↓ 18- The best love is when you find someone who raises your iman, makes you even more pious and helps you here in Dunya because that person want to meet you again in Janna.

↓ 17- She prays for him. She prays for him. Very few people know that Allah assigned their destiny to each other before their birth.

↓ 15- to my future husband; I am praying for you and excited to pray with you throughout the day.

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

↓ 14- No matter how expensive a pillow is, it will never be as comfortable as the one on my husband’s shoulder.

↓ 11- A man asked Hasan bin Ali: “I have a daughter and people have planned to marry her. So who should I marry? He said, marry someone who fears Allah, because if he loves him, he will respect her, and if he hates her, he will not harm her.

↓ 10- I want a man who reads me the Koran, the more I admire him.

↓ 9- A woman does not want a rich man, a handsome man and even a poet. She wants a man who understands her eyes, if she is sad, and points to her chest and says, “This is your house.”

How To Make Love To Your Husband In Islam

↓ 7- To my husband, when you look here, do dua, I am also your wife in Janat-tul Firdos, Ameen.

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↓ 6- Marry someone you know who can lift you up morally and will always remind you that Allah is enough for you in times of trial.

↓ 3- It is the duty of a Muslim husband to have a religious education and to ensure that his wife also receives a religious education. Bilal Phillips.

↓ 1- My husband is one of my greatest blessings from God. His love is a gift I open every day. Almighty Allah created men and women as companions for each other to become parents and live in peace and tranquility in accordance with Almighty Allah’s commands. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an: “And among His signs is that He has created for you friends from among yourselves, that you may dwell in peace with them, and He has placed love and mercy between your hearts .” Surely these are signs for those who think.” (Quran, 30:21). Islam emphasizes marriage because it is very important in Islam with many benefits that can be derived from it. The these Islamic love quotes for husband and wife are about love, care and respect in a Muslim society where wife and husband live happily.

Among The Great Muslim Women Who Are Known For…

A Muslim woman should not marry a man who would die for her. But she must marry a true Muslim who lives for her. To help him be a better believer and take him to Janan!

A successful marriage does not mean that you can live peacefully with your wife, but when you cannot live peacefully without her.

Shortcut to a blessed marriage: Husband and wife should love Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) more than each other!

Halal is obligatory not only in what we eat, but also in what we wear and what we like.

Islamic Love & Marraige Quotes For Husband And Wife

Allah has already written the names of your spouses for you. What you need to work on is your relationship with Allah.

One of the greatest blessings a Muslim can receive in the world is a righteous and pious spouse.

A woman does not stand behind every great man, she stands beside him, she is with him, not behind him. – Tariq Ramdani

Ik nukte wich gal mukdi – Bulleh shah اک نکتی eip ھ گل makdi هیہ – yes شہ اک نکی eip ھ ک کی gal mukdi هہ په په پیک کہ کہ هہ کہ کے Bayan […]

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