Rights Of Family In Islam

Rights Of Family In Islam – Fundamental Rights of Women in Islam – Islam is the only religion in the world that has accorded women a level of respect that was unprecedented. Islam gave her rights, freed her from past oppression and declared her a queen, nurtured, nurtured and protected by someone.

During the legendary sermon on the day of Arafah in the Farewell Pilgrimage, the Holy Prophet PBUH emphasized to the Muslims, “

Rights Of Family In Islam

Marriage is the first and most important right of women. It is a payment in the form of money or property paid by the groom or father of the groom to the bride at the time of marriage, which legally becomes her property. Although the dowry is usually money, it can also be something the bride receives, such as jewelry, household goods, furniture, an apartment, or some land. Mahr is usually referred to in the marriage contract signed during an Islamic wedding. You should also go through Islamic Love Quotes for Wife and 40+ Islamic Ways to Express Love for Wife.

Why Muslim Family Law Reform? Why Now?

The second most important right of a wife and responsibility of a husband is to provide for her husband. He should do this according to his status and social norms, not unnecessarily or with a closed fist. She has the right to be fed, clothed and protected by her husband. Heading the household means that the husband is obliged to support his wife in all the basic necessities of life. Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“… And with the father is the mother’s food and her clothing as it should be. No one burdens her beyond what she can bear…” [Noble Qur’an 2:233]

The third important right of women is to be treated with kindness and consideration. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) emphasized this point many times. Sharia advises men to provide as much comfort to their wives as is within their power. How patient and caring he is.

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But there is one thing that is not considered his right. More than half of marital problems are caused by men not separating their wives from the family. Personality clashes, small mistakes on both sides and intolerance lead to big problems in the relationship later. Therefore, it is necessary for the husband to arrange a separate residence for his wife if possible or to give a part of the house to her alone if the house is large. This will ensure peace among the household members. said Dr. Zakir Naik explained very well all the rights of a woman as a wife in Islam, so watch the video below. For more great quotes from him, check out these 15 Inspirational Zakir Naik Quotes and Sayings with Pictures.

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Islam has an undeniable importance. It is a way for a man and a woman to use their natural desires in a right and halal way so as not to be sinful. Just as a man has the right to get pleasure from his wife, so does the wife. Acts of intimacy and love allow the couple’s love to grow which then leads to a peaceful and happy family.

A woman has the right to inherit from her relationships and unfortunately, this is something that people can ignore and prevent then and now. Women are oppressed and not allowed to inherit which is a grave injustice and sin according to Islam. As a woman, a woman also has the right to inherit from her husband.

It is also the right of women to act with patience and tolerance. His weaknesses, mistakes and weaknesses should be ignored and forgiven. Islam does not allow men to beat their wives except in extreme circumstances and even then the Holy Prophet PBUH did not approve of it. It is the husband’s responsibility to be kind and gentle to his wife and to correct her mistakes with warmth.

Once some women came to the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and complained that their husbands beat their husbands. The Holy Prophet said:

The Status Of Women

Apart from the money that the husband has to give to his wife to run the household, he must also set aside a separate amount so that he can meet his financial obligations.

Etc. It has to be done. Otherwise, he will be forced to use the budget you gave him. Since it belongs to the husband, it is not allowed to take money from it to meet his obligations.

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The beloved and respected Muslim scholar Thanvi emphasized that it is very important to give money to the husband only to spend as he wants and it is really a part of him.

Both husband and wife have the right to their privacy. A wife should not interfere in the affairs of her husband, in the same way a man should not interfere in the affairs of his wife. Both should not discuss their personal affairs with other people or share the details of their intimate moments with others as it is a violation of each other’s privacy and is insulting.

Understanding Sharia: The Intersection Of Islam And The Law

A man should be “envious” of his wife’s honor and status. He should protect her when she is insulted or behind her back. In fact, it is the right of every Muslim in general but especially the right of the wife. He should also be jealous that other people do not allow him to look at his wife or talk to her in a way that is not suitable for him. “Jealousy” in this sense means zeal for the limits and anger of Allah when they are violated. However, this does not mean that a Muslim should go beyond this point, suspecting his wife at every turn and trying to spy on her. Don’t miss these 100+ Islamic Marriage Quotes for Couples.

Knowledge in Islam is of two types: 1) that which is obligatory for every Muslim and 2) that which some people must learn.

. In the first type, every Muslim woman is obliged to know her faith, how to pray, how to fast, as well as issues specific to women, such as how to clean from her monthly course, etc. His parents, his wife (and his duties), his children, his neighbors, etc. as well as the rights of each of them.

It is the man’s duty to make sure he receives all the information he needs to receive. If that means he has to spend money on books or tapes, he should do that. Scholars emphasized the importance of women’s rights that many of them allowed her to leave home to attend a lecture.

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The Rewards Of Giving Water In Islam: Seven Reasons To Build A Well

If a man has more than one wife, he has to be smart about physical things (house, clothes, food, etc.) and spend the night with each one. Heart.. If he feels more love and affection for one woman than others, he cannot be held responsible, as long as he is between his wives in all other matters.

Here are some simple but beautiful quotes and sunnah, about treating your wife right. Sometimes, even simple things like not bothering you or letting you rest can be rewarding in the sight of Allah.

If a man wants his wife to respect him, he should give her the same level of respect because without respect, there is no good relationship. Caring for orphans is an important part of Islam. Orphans are mentioned 22 times in the Quran; Their abuse is a grave sin, while caring for and sponsoring them is an invaluable good deed.

Sponsoring orphans was a cause especially close to the heart of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He (see) is also an orphan – his father died before he was born, and his mother died when he was born.

Best Islamic Quotes About Family (importance Of Family Ties)

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘Whoever takes care of an orphan and we will be together in Paradise’, and he (saw) put his two fingers together to illustrate. [Bukhari]

Subhanala, you do not have to be one of the Sahaba (companions), stand up all night in prayer or give away all your wealth to be close to the Prophet (peace be upon him). You only need to sponsor one orphan to reach this very high status.

The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said, “The best house among Muslims is the house where orphans are well taken care of. The worst house among Muslims is the house where orphans are treated badly.’ [Bukhari]

Finally, the status of the ‘best house’ is not achieved by material things such as property value, a beautiful garden or expensive maintenance.

Marriage Under Muslim Law

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