Sharjah Islamic Bank American University Of Sharjah – A New Islamic Banking Institution
Sharjah Islamic Bank American University Of Sharjah – A New Islamic Banking Institution

Sharjah Islamic Bank American University Of Sharjah – A New Islamic Banking Institution

Sharjah Islamic Bank American University Of Sharjah was established in 1997, and was the first financial institution to be based at the American University of Sharjah since its inception in 1976. The bank was founded on September 28, 1997, and started operations on March 25, 1998 under the name of The Sharjah Islamic Bank. It was later renamed as Sharjah Islamic Bank – American University Of Sharjah on December 3, 1998 to reflect its location and status as the institution’s official banking partner.

The Sharjah Islamic Bank has had a massive influence on modern day life in Sharjah and across UAE as a whole.

It’s helped spark economic development within the country and attract new businesses to share in that growth.

Additionally, Ausau University attracts students from all over the world thanks to sharjil banking innovation.

If it weren’t for this bank, many aspects of modern day life wouldn’t be what they are now.

The Sharjah Islamic Bank was created in 1979 in the city of Sharjah.

The city was founded by Ibn Rashdhan around 800 years ago and has since become one of the largest cities in the UAE.

The bank was created to help promote economic development within the country.

By creating a bank based on Islamic values, the country could develop its economy while staying true to its religious beliefs.

Over time, this inspired economic growth within the country and opened new markets for its businesses.


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Many international banks want to open up accounts with Sharjans so they can conduct business internationally.

Many foreign businessmen will also set up their businesses in Sharjah so they can directly interact with the local economy.

This attracts new business to Sharjah which keeps the economy booming.

In turn, this leads to more job opportunities for local residents and increases in wages for workers.

One of the first things anyone sees when visiting Sharjah is the American University of Sharjah (Ausau).

This university is one of the oldest in the region and offers both undergraduate and post-graduate courses to students from all around the world.

It’s one of the only universities in the region that is both arabic and english speaking.

This allows students from all over Arabic and English speaking countries to attend Ausau.

This has led to a very international student body that can speak both arabic and english languages.

This results in a well-educated populace with international outlooks on life.

The world is a complex place- it is full of diverse cultures and traditions.

Each country has its own set of customs and traditions, which makes the world a very interesting place.

One country that is particularly interesting is the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The UAE is an arabic country with a rich history and culture.

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One of the famous things about the UAE is the Sharjah Islamic Bank.

The Sharjah Islamic Bank is an innovative bank that has helped the country grow and prosper.

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