The Benefits of Attending the International Islamic University Islamabad
The Benefits of Attending the International Islamic University Islamabad

The Benefits of Attending the International Islamic University Islamabad

The International Islamic University Islamabad is an educational institution located in Islamabad, Pakistan and was founded in 1980. It has quickly risen to become one of the most prestigious universities in all of Pakistan, attracting students from around the globe who value the high quality of education it offers. The following are some of the many benefits you’ll reap if you attend this renowned institution.

IPU-Islamabad aims to train skilled professionals who can contribute to the advancement of Pakistani society through modern methods of education and research.

The university’s motto is ‘knowledge is our salvation’ which reminds students of their responsibility towards society through education and research.

International Islamic University-Islamabad (abbreviated as IPU-Islamabad) is a public university at Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

Established in 1979, IPU has two campuses-one in Islamabad and the other in the Punjab.

IPU offers bachelor, master, post-graduate and doctoral degrees through seven schools and colleges.

It also offers two international certifications.

IPU’s main objective is to produce quality human resources needed for nationbuilding and modernization.

IPU is one of the oldest universities in Pakistan and the largest public university in Islamabad.

The university’s first board of regents was elected in 1983, making it an autonomous body under the federal laws of Pakistan.

IPU’s chancellor is elected by the board of regents from among its members by universal suffrage.

Currently, there are seven chancellors at IPU: one from Asia, two from Africa and three from Europe and North America.

Each chancellor has a deputy chancellor who oversees his college within the university.

In addition, each college has an academic council that recommends changes to curriculum and faculty members’ careers within the university.

IPU was founded by the Pakistan Peoples Party government in 1979.

The university was established to train students for higher education and research in Islamic sciences.

The university initially had only three colleges.

Over time, it added more colleges as well as degree programs.

Currently, IPU has 15 colleges with a total of twelve degree programs.

A number of faculty members focus on teaching religion courses while many focus on teaching Urdu language courses.

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The university has a library system with over one million volumes available for reference.

Each college has a teacher’s lounge with a kitchen, dining room and office facilities for faculty members.

The university also has an auditorium that can seat 2,000 people.

The main campus of IPU is in Islamabad with a second campus in the Punjab (the Punjabi province).

Both campuses have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO since 2014.

Each campus has several landmark buildings such as the Central Academic Building, Administration Building, Humanities Block, Library building and Science Block.

Some colleges have their own stadiums where students can play soccer or cricket during recess time.

Students also participate in cultural activities such as folk dances and dramas during cultural week events held at both campuses.

IUI was founded in 1979 as a reaction to the oil crisis of that year.

The university initially had eight colleges, with eighteen faculty members and four thousand students.

Initially planned as a temporary college, IUI has grown into one of the leading educational institutions in islamabad.

IUI has over forty academic departments and hosts over thirty thousand students every year.

Each department is led by at least three full-time faculty members with a minimum of twenty years of teaching experience.

Regular faculty meetings help to increase efficiency and quality of teaching.

IUI has an excellent faculty-student ratio that promotes student growth and development.

International islamic university is one of the leading educational institutions in Islamabad due to its large student population, experienced faculty members and research centers.

IUI maintains strict rules regarding academic performance and always strives to improve itself through research projects and meetings with its faculty members.

This ensures that all students receive high quality education while they are on campus!

International islamic university- Islamabad (IUI)- is one of the oldest and prestigious educational institutions in islamabad.

It is a public university that offers bachelor, master and doctorate degree courses in different subject areas.

IUI has over fifty faculties, with a focus on science, engineering, humanities, social sciences, mba and hsc.

IUI has the largest library in Pakistan with over two million books.

All degree students are required to take part in the university’s research projects.

Research projects at IUI are supported by government funding and private donors.

IUI is one of the oldest universities in islamabad and has hosted many leaders of Pakistan since its inception.

The first president of Pakistan Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto attended IUI’s foundation course back in 1979 as a senatorial candidate.

Other notable attendees include former president Asif Ali Zardari, mother of pakistan democracy party leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and former pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari.

President Zardari graduated from IUI with a bachelor’s degree in political science before going on to earn his master’s degree from pakistan’s foreign university program (PFUS).

Each president at IUI attends an initiation ceremony for new presidents before assuming office.

International Islamic University (IIU) is a premier institute of higher learning in Pakistan.

It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a number of subjects.

The university also maintains its own research centers and institutes to promote research in its field.

The university has several notable alumni, including the former president of Pakistan, Ghulam Ishaq Khan.

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IPU is a private university with several international branches.

The university hosts several notable research centers and instituations: Ziauddin Sardar Hall – A memorial hall to Sardar Mahatma Gandhi who was an IPU graduate; Institute of Softology

The curriculum at IIU includes courses on Arabic, economics, English literature, history, law, mathematics, philosophy and religion among others.

The university encourages interdisciplinary approaches to learning by hosting several joint degree programs with major universities in Pakistan and around the world.

These programs allow students to mix undergraduates with graduate students to foster greater educational progress.

Beyond the classroom, IPU encourages interaction between students through international conferences, seminars, service projects and off-campus housing options.

These means of internationalization allow students to interact with people from different countries and cultures.


The university maintains many research centers and institutes allowing it to promote new ideas in its field.

The foreign exchange program attracts international students willing to commit part-time toward completing their degrees while abroad.

Anyone interested in pursuing higher education should consider applying to International Islamic University since it will prepare you well for success in today’s world!

IPU is a high-caliber institution for training future scholars, clerics, teachers, engineers and administrators.

The university is well known for producing competent graduates with sound educational backgrounds.

In addition, the university hosts numerous student organizations that seek to promote interaction between students from different countries.

This internationalization occurs through the various associations that students can join.

IPU’s proximity to major government institutions allows for constant interaction between government officials and scholars.

This interaction helps build up new ideas and reforms within the Pakistani government system.


Students from all over the world attend Pakistani universities but have to commit at least one semester abroad at IPU.

This gives students a chance to experience living in a different country without sacrificing their studies.

It also promotes international understanding through these foreign students living among Pakistani students on campus.

During the semester, students attend classes at IIPU while also participating in on-site classes held at other universities around the world.

At the end of the semester, each foreign student hosts a guest from another country in their place.

This fosters strong international relationships among students that carry over throughout the entire semester abroad at IPU.<


ISIU has a well-equipped library with millions of books and journals from all over the world.

There are also laboratories for student projects and practical classes for cadets.

Each department has its own dining facility where students can eat free of charge.

Each facility is accessible via a campus pass which allows students free access to campus facilities and restaurants on campus throughout their time at the university.

ISIU is one of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan.

It was founded in 1988 by the muslim madrasa Azzun Darul Ihsan.

ISIU provides high quality education to its students and has partnerships with many international universities.

The university has programs in different fields of study, including science, humanities, and medicine.

ISIU also has a very good faculty with many renowned lecturers.

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This is a religious seminary where young men go to study Islam and other subjects.

ISIU has different departments for teaching different courses such as shariah and hadith studies, fiqh, Arabic studies, English language and literature and more.

Students must take an entrance test to get into the university.

They are separated into groups based on their academic performance and electives they choose during their undergraduate studies.

After finishing their programs, students have the option to get a master’s degree or do research in some fields of study.

Having such a prestigious institution like ISIU helps promote greater understanding among people of different cultures, beliefs and traditions- all necessary elements towards fostering peaceful coexistence between people of different cultures, beliefs and traditions within Pakistan itself as well as internationally..

Since its inception, ISIU has had fruitful academic collaborations with a number of notable universities around the globe.

Pakistan’s strategic location on the geographical crossroad of Asia gives it an opportunity to collaborate with universities in China, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE and etcetera.

The university has partnership agreements with 11 renowned international universities like Cambridge University, Oxford University and etcetera.

These collaborations provide opportunities for talented Pakistani students to gain international degrees while maintaining their Pakistani citizenship.

IUs are regarded as one of the best universities in the region.

They have a good record when it comes to graduating students.

Each year, IIU grants degrees to around 2300 students.

Most of these students are Muslims from Pakistan and other countries in South Asia.

Many international students also apply to the university each year- primarily from Middle Eastern countries and China.

Each year, about 28000 students worldwide apply to IIU; only about 1800 are accepted into the university.

IUs offer excellent instruction with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

The faculty is knowledgeable when it comes to Islamic studies and are eager to help students understand their faith better.


It was established in 1986 by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.

The university grants Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in a variety of subjects.

It also has a school for theology and a school for Arabic studies.

Students at IUs receive quality education from qualified instructors and are introduced to the Qur’an and Hadith.

IUs play an important role in developing the country’s society.

IUs have a large international student base.

The majority of international students come from China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Iran, Morocco and Egypt.

Most international students are enrolled in Bachelor degree programs at the university’s Islamabad campus.

However, there is also a Master of Science program available for international students interested in pursuing a PhD degree.

Students can apply directly to IIU through their website without having prior academic experience.

Once accepted into IIU, international students must go through an English language preparation program before beginning their courses.

The university is currently constructing a second campus on Multan Road in Islamabad’s New Town area.

The new campus will house both undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as modern facilities for academics, research and administration needs.

The new campus is scheduled to open its doors in 2020- which will make it the largest university in Pakistan by number of students attending that year.

The university is currently hiring for many vacant positions such as lecturers and administrators for this new campus as well.


Currently constructing a second campus will increase their already successful repute as a world class university.

We hope that visiting or applying to this esteemed institution will allow our readers an opportunity they can use to their benefit as they pursue their academic goals with vigor!

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