What To Say When Praying In Islam

What To Say When Praying In Islam – “… but if you are not in danger, pray the regular prayer, for such prayers are appointed for the believers at the appointed time.” (Holy Quran: Chapter 4, verse 103)

Performing the daily prayers according to the Xhaferi school of Shia jurisprudence involves taking the steps prescribed for (

What To Say When Praying In Islam

. Please note that all readings during the prayer must be in Arabic. Although the comparison is given below for each reading, it is better to try to learn the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation.

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Nijh: Make the following intention in your mind: “Say this prayer for ____ (name of specific prayer), for ____ (number of parts)

Sujud means that one should lower the forehead in an unusual way in order to prostrate before God.

, it is mandatory that the hands and knees, and the big toes are placed on the ground. Following

, raise your forehead and sit in a kneeling position with the foot of the right foot on the left foot, hands resting on the hips.

How To Be A Mindful Muslim: An Exercise In Islamic Meditation

Qunut: Hold your hands in front of you, palms facing up, and keep your hands and fingers together.

Our God! Let us make a good contribution to this world and the good of the future and save us from the suffering of fire

Glory be to God and praise God; there is no god but Allah and Allah is Almighty

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How To Perform Salatul Janaza (hanafi) ?

One of the best times to worship Allah s.w.t. it is after performing our prescribed prayers. Whenever possible, we should find time to think, reflect and express our needs before Allah s.w.t.

The companions narrated many stories where the Prophet encouraged them and asked his companions to make dua after the prayer. Allah s.w.t. says in the Quran:

لا لا لا لهی شرهک لا لا لا لمع لما AFIT لا لمد عع ينفة عع منفع ع مك ل منك منك

Lā ilāhe illallāhu vehdehu lā syarika lahu, lahul-mulku ue lahul-hamdu, ue Huwa ‘alā kulli shay-in Qadir. Allāhumma lā māni’a limā a’tayta, ue lā mu’tiya limā mana’ta, ue lā yanfa’u zal-jaddi minkal-jaddu.

How To Be Regular With Your Prayers In Islam: 10 Steps

There is no god but Allah. He is one and there is no partner with Him, His is the sovereignty and His is the praise and He is all-powerful. Allah! No one can deny you what you give, and no one can give what you refuse, and the greatness of the mighty will not avail them against you.

His friend, Al-Mughirah Ibn Shu’ba r.a, said that the Prophet s.a.w. He recited this dua after every prayer. It also reminds us that before we make our prayer to ask Allah for what we need, we must begin with words of praise and soon we ourselves know that we need more and more.

O Allah, You are As-Salam (Peace), from You peace, blessed are You, the Lord of Honor and Glory.

O Allah, help me to remember You, thank You and worship You in the right way.

The Art Of The Adhan: The Multiple Melodies Of The Muslim Call To Prayer

This is one of the prayers of the Prophet s.a.w. we are encouraged to read after our prayers. In fact, its meaning can be seen when the Prophet himself said to his beloved friend, Mu’adh Ibn Jabal r.a. he never leaves the dua after the prayer, as a sign of his love for Muaz.

Being able to feel gratitude is a gift and we should be grateful for that feeling. It calls us to say a prayer of gratitude, hoping that Allah will grant us grace for our gratitude.

Many of the Companions, including the mothers of the believers, Aisha and Umm Salema r.a. said that the Prophet s.a.w. used to recite this Dua abundantly. This shows us the importance of this Dua in our lives.

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When the prophet was asked why, he replied that the heart is between God’s hands. This is a metaphorical way of explaining that the heart can change at any time. Allah can remove hearts or make them firm and secure. This is why it is important to always pray and ask Allah to keep our hearts safe and not disobey us.

Six Daily Voluntary Prayers In Islam That Ensures Paradise


O Lord, flee from the torment of hell, flee from the torment of the grave and (flee from you) from the trials of life and death, and (flee from you too). ) from the evils of the torment of Masih Ed-Dajjal (antichrist)

As we recite our Duas to ask Allah for what we need, we are also encouraged to take refuge in what we want to avoid or protect ourselves from. This dua contains four things that the Prophet encouraged us to avoid.

Even before giving salam, we can recite this Dua. We can read the dua even after the prayer itself.

Muslim Prayer Mat Janamaz For Salah


O Allah, I have done many injustices and no one forgives sins except You, grant me Your mercy and forgive me, for You are the Merciful, the Merciful.

Abu Bakr As-Siddiq r.a. once asked the prophet s.a.w. teach him Dua to read in prayer. The Prophet s.a.w. then he taught this Dua to his beloved friend.

We can learn a lot from this Dua. It starts with recognizing our faults and mistakes before humbly asking Allah s.w.t. because all the good. This dua ends with the praise of Allah s.w.t. and their beautiful divine names.

Prayer For Rain

It is also important that we continue to include Dua for our parents, especially in blessed moments such as the moments after prayer. In the hadith, the Prophet s.a.w. He said that the quality of a child who prays and asks his parents to be good.

If Ibn Adam dies, his work will cease, except for three things: continuous goodness, or knowledge, knowledge, truth.

“When the son of Adam dies, his deeds are cut off, except for three: continuous love, knowing that he will benefit (from others), or a good successor who prays for him.”

In fact, it is very good if we can include others, our people, those who ask us to make dua for them and all the believers in our dua.

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Conditions Before Praying Salat

“Our Lord, grant us the best of this world and the next and save us from the punishment of the Fire.”

If we are not sure what to pray for, this is another dua that is encouraged to recite. This dua includes all the good in this world and above.

There are many Duas or other forms of Zikir that we can read after prayer, such as

And many others. In conclusion, we can say a sincere Dua from the heart, in any language we know, deeply or silently between the lips.

Learn Attahiyat Lillahi Wa Salawatu (full Dua For Namaz)

I want these as taught by the Prophet s.a.w. it teaches us good things to pray for. Although we may have a long list of things to ask for in Dua, we can learn a lot from the prophet s.a.w., the chosen one who was given revelation and wisdom.

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A Muslim is required to pray five times a day: once before dawn, at noon, in the afternoon, at sunset, and once at night. During prayer, a Muslim concentrates and meditates on God by reading the Qur’an and engaging in dhikr to confirm and strengthen the unity between the Creator and creation, aiming to guide the soul to the truth. This meditation is meant to help maintain a sense of peace of mind in the face of any challenges that may arise in work, life or family.

The five daily actions of the prayer of peace should be the pattern and thought of behavior for the rest of the day, becoming, at best, a separate and continuous thought: even sleep should be considered another phase of that constant thought. . [99]

How To Perform Isha Prayer صلاة العشاء‎ (prayer Rakats)?

Quiet meditation is said to have the quality of

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