What To Wear To A Muslim Wedding: Your Ultimate Guide

Muslim Wedding Attire For Guest [+] Fashion 2021
Muslim Wedding Attire For Guest [+] Fashion 2021


Are you invited to a Muslim wedding and don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Muslim weddings are known for their rich cultural traditions and modest dress codes. In this article, we’ll guide you on what to wear to a Muslim wedding, so you can look stylish and respectful at the same time.

The Importance of Dressing Modestly

In Muslim culture, modest dressing is highly valued. This means that clothing should cover the body appropriately and not reveal too much skin. For women, this typically means covering the arms, legs, and head. Men should dress conservatively as well, with long pants and shirts that cover the shoulders. By dressing modestly, you show respect for the culture and the occasion.

What to Wear: Women

For women, the most common outfit for a Muslim wedding is a long dress or gown. The dress should cover the arms and legs, and the neckline should not be too low. A hijab, or headscarf, is also typically worn. You can choose a hijab that matches your dress or opt for a contrasting color to add a pop of color to your outfit. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing or anything that shows too much skin.

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What to Wear: Men

For men, a suit or traditional thobe is appropriate for a Muslim wedding. The thobe is a long, loose-fitting shirt that reaches the ankles. It is typically worn with pants and a headscarf. Avoid wearing shorts or anything too casual.

What Colors to Wear

In Muslim culture, certain colors have symbolic meanings. White is a popular color for weddings, as it symbolizes purity and innocence. Gold and green are also common colors, as they represent prosperity and growth. Avoid wearing black, as it is typically associated with mourning.

What Not to Wear

Avoid wearing anything too revealing or tight-fitting. Clothing should be loose and cover the body appropriately. Avoid wearing shorts, tank tops, or anything too casual. Also, avoid wearing anything too flashy or attention-grabbing. This is a time to be respectful and humble.


When it comes to accessories, keep them simple and understated. Avoid wearing anything too flashy or attention-grabbing. For women, a simple clutch and elegant jewelry are perfect. For men, a watch and a tie are appropriate.

What to Wear to Different Types of Muslim Weddings

There are different types of Muslim weddings, each with its own dress code. For a traditional Muslim wedding, conservative dress is required. For a modern Muslim wedding, you can dress up a bit more, but still, keep it modest. For a mixed-gender wedding, dress conservatively and avoid anything too revealing.


Attending a Muslim wedding is a beautiful and memorable experience. By dressing modestly and respectfully, you show respect for the culture and the occasion. Remember to keep it simple and understated, and avoid anything too flashy or attention-grabbing.

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1. Can I wear pants to a Muslim wedding?

Yes, pants are appropriate for men attending a Muslim wedding. However, they should be long and not too tight.

2. Can I wear a sleeveless dress to a Muslim wedding?

No, it is not appropriate to wear a sleeveless dress to a Muslim wedding. Dresses should cover the arms and legs appropriately.

3. Can I wear a hat to a Muslim wedding?

For men, a headscarf is appropriate and can be worn instead of a hat. For women, a hijab is typically worn instead of a hat.

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