Why Do We Study Islamic Studies

Why Do We Study Islamic Studies – Islamic studies is a word that describes all studies related to Islam and they are: Islamic sciences, that is: science of hadith, science of interpretation, Islamic jurisprudence, science of words and other sciences such as the biography of the Prophet. , Qur’anic science, Islamic science. history and other Islamic sciences such as: Islamic Economics…..

Do you want to learn Islam? Not a Muslim you want to be? Are you a Muslim who wants to learn more about Islam? Or are you interested in world religions and want to learn more about the world’s second largest religion? This guide will help you learn Islam.

Why Do We Study Islamic Studies

Ijazah is a document that authorizes the teaching and recitation of the Holy Qur’an and Tajweed through a chain of readers leading to Muhammad (PBUH) and Allah (PBUH). Online Ijazah course is now offered with great interest. Alhamdulillah! We have male and female teachers to prepare you for Ijaz and Sand certification.

Ico(a Comprehensive Intl. Curriculum) Islamic Studies Textbook: Grade 1 / Part 1

Islamic sciences is a phrase that describes all the subjects related to Islam, which includes: the science of the Shari’ah, that is: the science of hadith, the science of interpretation, Islamic jurisprudence, the science of words and other sciences such as the biography of the Prophet, the Qur’an. ‘an. anic sciences, Islam. history and other Islamic sciences

Here is an important step in learning Islamic science for children, important books for children in a simple way, through which the child learns frequently asked questions, hadiths, biography of the Prophet and interpretation of the Qur’an. Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. For the past ten years, Charles Sturt and the Center for Islamic Studies and Civilization have partnered to empower and educate those who want to study Islam and enrich their understanding of the faith.

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Join Professor Zuleikha Keskin, Professor and Course Director at the Charles Sturt Center for Islamic Studies and Civilisation, to discuss the opportunities and personal growth that comes with studying Islam.

. He founded ISRA Australia to support the teaching of university-level Islamic Studies courses focusing on traditional and modern understandings of Islam.

Teaching Islam In The Post 9/11 University

The skills you gain from studying Islam can be applied to a variety of jobs and situations.

“Islamic Studies provides students with a solid foundation in Islamic knowledge, which is what most of our students are looking for. About 98 percent of our students are Muslim. Our students study for personal development, interest, or passion. Islamic Studies is the knowledge and skills they are looking for. It gives them skills.

“Students’ ability to convey their knowledge is developed. It also develops speaking, analysis and writing skills, which is an important part of their development. For graduate students, these skills often need to be developed as they move into the world of work.’

“Our Islamic Studies BA has been offered for about 10 years, just like our MA. There is no other university in Australia that offers a BA or MA in Islamic Studies by study. So it’s a big but important place.

Online Islamic Study, What It Means And How To Approach It

“Some need structured research from trusted sources to learn more about their beliefs. Courses include a lot of peer-to-peer learning. This is important because students interact with other students. Our students are online, but we have weekly classes for all subjects, so they meet with their peers and instructors every week.

“Students have many opportunities to discuss what they have learned and ask questions. Having courses means diving deeper into different subject areas, which is also attractive to many students. Islamic studies has many sub-disciplines such as history, religion and language.

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There are many reasons why choosing Islamic studies is a great idea. In a recent survey, Charles Sturt students’ top motivations for studying Islamic studies were:

41% of the students said that they chose Islamic studies to get a job, while 59% said that they studied it for their own success.

Islamic Studies Level 10 (weekend Learning School Curriculum)

“I studied Islam in the Middle East and I wanted to study Islam from a true Western perspective with practical skills in Western societies.”

One student said they were looking for a holistic approach, “the study of Islam by integrating ethics and traditional teaching into all aspects of life.”

A BA in Islamic Studies is a good pathway to a MA in Teaching. And if you start with Charles Sturt’s Bachelor of Islamic Studies and then continue to study at Master of Teaching (Primary Education) or Master of Teaching (Secondary Education) level, you can achieve two degrees in four years through intensive study.

“Many students want to teach Islamic subjects and work in Islamic schools. Our students have become teachers of religion and values ​​or teachers of Arabic after completing their teaching degrees. Currently, Islamic schools are mainly located in Sydney and Melbourne, but there are also Islamic schools in many states of Australia.

Landscape Of Islamic Studies Courses In Secondary, Further And Higher…

“If students successfully complete all three units, they can complete the course in two years and then do a two-year teaching degree. So they can get two diplomas in four years. These two degrees are important to them: they are important because of the basis of their knowledge and because they give them a degree.”

“Bachelor of Islamic Studies is designed so that students can choose four options among other methods. Therefore, the areas of study are not limited to language or religion. Some students choose English or Business Studies or Mathematics as electives. Students, for example, four mathematics, if they choose subjects of their choice, they can use it to complete a teaching degree.’

But you don’t need to be interested in teaching to learn Islamic Studies. Many students choose a degree in Islamic studies to complete a specific field of study or to advance their qualifications in their current major.

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“Sometimes students choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree along with another degree. They take one degree for professional development and a major in Islamic studies for personal development.

Year 4 Courses — Miftaah Institute

“Now we have students who are always busy. So they study with us to develop themselves, for example, they can work in the corporate world and want to do something for themselves. Students also choose to study with us for a master’s degree in Islamic studies to enhance their career.

“If it’s a lawyer, the degree will help them communicate better with their Muslim clients. If it’s a psychologist or a doctor, it will help them better understand their Muslim clients. We have students from different backgrounds. We have a good knowledge of the age of the students, their majors. and genders. Some are stay-at-home moms, and then others are stay-at-home moms.”

Other opportunities derived from Islamic studies include development work, social justice projects, community service involving Muslims.

“It gives them confidence. A degree in Islamic studies can also be useful as a stepping stone to international relations, government positions, and clerical positions.

Diploma In Islamic Studies Online

“Thanks to this course, I have a better view of my professional goals. It also made me more aware of my existing skills and values. My goal when I started is even more important. I think it has to do with the importance placed on learning and leadership.’

If you want to learn more about the Islamic religion and art culture or personal development, you can find out with our Islamic and Arabic courses. Help transform the lives of Muslims and foster an appreciation and understanding of Islam.

Have questions or need help researching options? You can apply online, schedule an in-person meeting with a student advisor, book a campus tour, or call 1800 275 278.

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