Why Is Marriage Important In Islam

Why Is Marriage Important In Islam – The Meaning and Purpose of Marriage Meaning of Mawad Wa Rahma Wa Sakan Marriage Criteria Choosing a Wife Legal Document Marriage Discourse.

Islam, unlike other religions, is a staunch supporter of marriage. Celibacy has no place like Roman Catholic priests and nuns. Marriage is a religious obligation and consequently a moral protection and social necessity. Islam does not equate celibacy with high “Taqwa” / “Faith”.

Why Is Marriage Important In Islam

3 Cont. This is a social necessity because the family is established through marriage and the family is the basic unit of our society. Also, marriage is a legal or legal way to establish a relationship between a man and a woman.

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4 Cont Islam takes a mundane position on sex, not condemning it or letting it go freely like some other religions. Islam encourages us to control and control our passions no matter what so that we remain dignified and do not become like animals.

The true meaning of the word Nikah is the physical relationship between a man and a woman. It is also used secondarily to refer to a marriage contract that legalizes a relationship.

6 An agreement that causes both parties to physically enjoy each other in a manner permitted by Sharia.” An agreement where a man and a woman live together and support each other. For them in terms of rights and obligations.

7 Continue This is a mutual agreement between men and women, each to enjoy the other, and to be a godly family and a good community.

Islamic Guide To A Successful Marriage

Like a Muslim, marriage should only be performed after understanding everything that God has established in terms of rights and obligations, as well as understanding the wisdom behind this institution.

9 Continuation The general purpose of marriage is for both sexes to mix with each other, love each other, give birth to children, and live in harmony and peace according to God’s commandments.

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10 Cont.—- Marriage also serves as a way to provide emotional and sexual satisfaction and reduce stress. It is a form of Ibadah out of obedience to Allah and His Messenger – meaning that marriage is seen as the only way to unite the sexes. One can choose to live in sin, but by choosing marriage it shows obedience to God.

11 Continuation of Marriage is “mitaq” – agreement (agreement). This is not something to be taken lightly. This must be done with full commitment and full knowledge of what is involved. It’s not like buying a new shirt, you can change it if you don’t like it. Your partner should be your choice for life. One must be mature enough to understand the terms of marriage so that the relationship can last. Certain conditions must be met for the marriage to be valid.

Prophecy And Revelation In Islam

2) Mahr” gift for the bride by the groom 3) Witnesses- 2 men or 4 women 4) The marriage should be announced and never kept secret because it creates suspicion and problems in the community.

13 MAIN CONDITIONS Mutual agreement between the bride and the groom (ijab-o-qubul) Two mature and reasonable witnesses Mahr (marriage gift) The groom must pay the bride immediately (mujjal) or suspended (muaqqar), or a combination of the two- both. .

A written marriage contract (“Akhd-Nikah”) signed by the bride and groom, by a legal guardian representing the bride and groom (“Akhd-Nikah”), and witnessed by two adult and sane witnesses, such as a Qadi (appointed by the state) . Muslim Judges) or Masons (persons responsible for conducting marriages). Majlis) Khutba-Tun-Nikah Conducting a wedding

15 Continued A Muslim should not enter into something as important as marriage without a deep understanding of the purpose of marriage in Islam and the rights and obligations contained therein.

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One of the most important goals of marriage is to increase and preserve the Muslim population. Obviously, this goal can be achieved without marriage, but when they commit acts of disobedience to Allah, they do not receive Allah’s mercy and destroy the whole society.

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17 Cont. It should be emphasized that the goal is not just to give birth to babies who will live on to the next generation. It is to give birth to pious children who obey Allah and reward their parents after their death.

Peace (zakan), love (mawadda) and mercy (rahma) are very important concepts in Islam. All three embody the ideals of Islamic marriage. It is the duty of husband and wife to ensure that they bring comfort and peace to each other.

The Prophet shows the determinants of people’s choice of wives and guides us to the best in that regard: “A woman is married for four things: her wealth, her noble lineage, her beauty. And religion. So make a woman of faith. win; (or) You will be a loser [Al-Bukhari ] This emphasizes that if we ignore the religious aspects and only pursue attractiveness, wealth or noble lineage, we will lose.

The Concept Of Polygamy And The Prophets Marriages

1. The first ingredient is a “guardian” (a woman’s closest relative, such as her father or brother in the absence of a father) or a “representative” (a priest or guardian appointed by a woman to act on her behalf). His job is to help find the background and interview potential matches for the woman.

21 Continuation 2. After selecting the right youth, a meeting was scheduled for the two (supervised by an assistant) to discuss their future together. 3. After the initial meeting, both should pray to God for guidance in the form of a prayer called “Salatul Istahara”. If this is not done, it will not invalidate the marriage, but it is something that will help them both a lot in the future.

22 Continuation 4. If both recognize the good signs of “Salatul Istahara” they will make “Nikaah” (marriage contract). Again this is done under the supervision of two witnesses. It is usually attended by an Imam or someone with Islamic knowledge so there is no mistake in paying attention to the details.

23 Continued 5. A mahar (dowry) is proposed and the woman is asked if she is willing to accept the dowry and marry the man. This is usually repeated three times in the presence of a witness, but requires at least one consent from the woman to proceed. 6. Then the woman will sign the marriage contract in front of a witness.

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Marriage, A Gift For The Youth

24 Cont 7. Witnesses (usually two) sign and testify that they are present at the Nikah and that the man has accepted the woman’s marriage proposal. The priest can also sign, but this does not affect the validity of the marriage. Every two Muslims of sufficient age can witness the document. In the case of female witnesses, two are not true. There must be two witnesses, but if a woman, a man and two women can sign it.

25 Continuation 8. It is considered valid in Islam for a man and a woman to live together and live together as husband and wife after the woman is accepted, signs the Nikah (deed), the acknowledgment of two witnesses and the exchange. from dowry And to have sex. However, they can annul the marriage until they actually perform the marriage (that is, have intercourse) and the dowry is returned to the man.

26 Continued 9. After signing the marriage contract, the dowry received by the bride and the signatures of two witnesses, the groom is free to take the bride at any time. No, wait, if that’s what you mean. For any time limit, it will be a contract. If the woman or the man, for whatever reason, cannot live together on that date, the dowry can be returned to the man, and the woman and the man are considered unmarried (if, of course, they have intercourse and intercourse). marriage).

27 Continued 10. If the groom cannot take the bride after a long time or he wants to cancel the marriage, they tell the others and return the dowry to the groom. . Note: All this is based on facts

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